My Week in Pictures

My Week in Pictures

It’s been a busy week.  I haven’t had time to even think about blogging, let alone do it.  Plus, it’s been so hot and my little office where my computer lives is stifling and stuffy and ugh.  So I’ve spent as little time on the computer as possible.

I have been crafting though…I had to make some hot pink earrings for a friend at work but, as hot pink is not a colour I usually work with or like, I had difficulty finding anything in my bead stash to even start.  Which meant I had to go out and buy some more beads, of course.  I won’t show you what I made – I’m not at all happy with any of them.  It’s funny how colour choice affects your (or, at least, my) ability to make and create.  I like paler pinks – more shabby than shocking I guess.

I got them done as quickly as I could then moved on to other orders I had to complete…







…I had a go with memory wire (and managed to stab myself in the thumb with it – blood everywhere!)…


…my iron count has been a little low the last few months so I had to have an iron infusion
(look away now if you don’t like needles and hospital stuff…)…


…I went for walks…(but not as often as I should have…)…



…lots of bird watching…


…baby swans!…



I got some belated birthday gifts…including this gorgeous handbag from a friend of my Mum’s…(I don’t normally wear or use leather but as I didn’t buy it I guess it’s ok…plus it is so lovely and soft and stylish.  Sorry cows, I will still keep to my non-leather-buying values, but I’m keeping the bag…)…


…and a lovely jewellery box from (drum roll please!) TIFFANY’S!!!…



…the same lovely lady (my volunteer library assistant) gave me this beautiful gift AND  made me a take-home curry
to have for my dinner (Oh my God – so yum!).  She is too good to me…


…my penal Rem’s partner Dianne sent me a lovely Valentine’s card…
(you should check out her blog if you haven’t already – it’s great!)


…I discovered my new favourite sweet treat – frozen grapes!


I also went op-shopping and bead shopping with my Mum and bought a ridiculous amount of beads.  I think I have a problem…

Now it’s Sunday evening yet again and soon I must pack up and get ready for bed.  I am trying to get to bed before 10pm these days because I am always so tired and can never get up in the morning.  I have a busy day tomorrow – lots of meetings and a three-hour “fire suppression” training (as I am supposedly a fire warden for my building).  I’m hoping the day goes quickly and that I manage to get some things done even though I will not be at my desk.  Every week I tell myself I am going to sort my desk out and get things in order, but I never have time or anywhere to put everything.  So I just try and make all the piles of stuff look tidy.  Moving them from one place to another helps, as does shuffling them, hiding them under the desk and shoving them in the filing cabinet marked “to deal with later”.

Have a great Monday everyone – hope you are more organised than me 🙂

Beady TGIF

Beady TGIF

Thank Goodness it is Friday.  It’s been a long week.  My first week back at work after the Christmas holidays.  I was good the first few days and got up at 5:30am to go walking, feeling that this year is gonna be the year that I get back into shape, the year that I make exercise a habit rather than a chore.  Well, that lasted about three days.  On day four, after a particularly late night out with my Mum (it’s her fault – she leads me astray!) I slept in.  Until 7am.  And I leave for work at 7:30am.  Not good.  No early morning walk that day.  Or the next.  Or today either.  On the other days when I missed the morning stroll, I walked in the afternoons after work.  But today, I didn’t even get that far.  As I said, it’s been a long week and the excuses are already setting in.

I have, however, been busy making jewellery for one of the lovely ladies at work.  She knows who she is (Hi! *waves*) and she is my number one customer and cheer squad at the moment.  It is likely, with her around, I will get a big head.  But it is nice to have someone appreciating what you do and making you feel good about yourself.  In the meantime, I feel slightly guilty about taking her money all the time.  I have always had trouble with that part of the equation.  Taking money from people seems…wrong somehow.  Like, who the hell do I think I am, charging for the things I make?!  But, in all honesty, I need the money, so the guilt doesn’t last that long and in the end I am just very grateful I have a modicum of skill and talent which enables me to make some extra cash when I need it.  Which is now.

I was very happy with an anklet I made her (let’s call her “K” for now) and she was too (which is the main thing).  I like working with blues and turquoises and white so when she requested those colours I was more than happy to oblige
(please ignore my dry old lady’s hands):


I also made some other pieces for K (see, I told you…she is basically paying my rent right now) and she has put in a request for others.  Which is fine by me 🙂  I desperately need to buy some new beads and findings because I have gotten very low on everything and I have a bit of an aversion to using the same beads or colour combinations more than a few times.  Thankfully, and perhaps slightly fortuitously, one of the other ladies at work was having a sort out of her old jewellery and so you just know I made a beeline for her desk when I heard.  K had already bolted down the hallway and snaffled quite a few nice pieces, but apparently there had been quite a lot more stuff there.  But I missed out.  But that’s ok. I cannot be on the scrounge all the time.  I did pick up a few bits though that will be taken apart very soon (including some that K decided would be better in my hands and then forwarded to her as finished products ha ha).  I got:


…this anklet which I think looks like a tree or an underwater coral kingdom.  Can’t you just see it as part of a gorgeous mixed-media collage?  I am definitely going to do something with this and I don’t think I will alter it in any way.  It’s nice and worn and a bit rusty.  Lovely for a collage.  I am thinking some embroidery as well…


…this piece has some lovely colours and shapes in it.  Also slightly “ocean-esque” so it may get utilised with the item above (as well as being turned in to lots of other jewellery pieces)…oooh, I am seeing a moon here too…hmmmm…


…some nice pearls.  a bit on the yellow side for my taste but they will get used quite a bit.  It will take me forever to get them off the strands but hey, I have no life so I’m sure I will manage!


…continuing with the sea theme I seem to have going on here, these necklaces look like fishing nets to me.
Albeit very pretty, sparkly ones.  Glass beads in varying shapes and sizes are always welcome.


…more pearly delights.  Love the slightly odd shapes ones (even the rude looking ones to the left!).  Looking forward
to making some nice pieces with these.

So, a good day to come to work.  Even if I was really busy and had so much to do and had a slight panic attack by the end of the day because the work kept piling up and people kept requesting more things.  I never want to look at another journal article as long as I live.  Which is unfortunate as searching for journal articles for people makes up a large proportion of my job.

As well as getting’ beady this week, I have also been working on my 40th birthday invitations.  A classy High Tea for me and several close friends and family members at a lovely restaurant in the city.  I wanted to ask a ridiculous amount of people, but it was getting out of control so, with no concept of how I am going to achieve this, I am going to have several events over the course of a few days, to fit everyone in.  You only have one 40th birthday, right?  Although… I don’t look my age (supposedly) so maybe I could get away with another one…?  My invitations have cupcakes on them (naturally) made out of various scrapbooking papers.  I can’t show you the whole thing because it has my phone numbers, address etc on it.  As much as I do love over-sharing, there is a limit to what parts of my life I will publish on the internet.  So here’s a sample of cakes for you…




So, that’s week one of the new year done and dusted.  Hope your week has been a good one and that the year is shaping up to be everything you hoped it would be (and if it isn’t – give it time…that’s what I am doing…it’s early days yet!).


The Recycled Bride

The Recycled Bride

No, I am not getting married again nor am I sitting in a thrift/op-shop with a half-price tag on me.  I just used some sneaky recycling/repurposing to help me make a card.


My cousin bought me some lovely PJs when I was getting married.  The top was white with tiny little “jewels” spelling out “Bride”.  You could say I’m not a sexy lingerie kinda gal so cute jim-jams were more me.  Anyway, it has been several years since said wedding and although I still wear the PJs, the whole “bride” thing is no longer quite so immediate or necessary.  The little jewels have actually stayed on for all those years, despite me just chucking the top into the washing machine and taking no care with it whatsoever. So what did I do?  I spent a lovely hour painstakingly picking the little buggers off so I could use them in crafting!  They are tiny and just perfect for cards or other small pieces of art.  So off they came – pick pick pick.  Quite therapeutic it was too!


Now I have a nice little jar of them and they didn’t cost me a cent (and yes that is a Tiger Balm jar – they are great for little buttons and other embellishments.  I use a lot of this stuff so I have plenty of jars.)  Gotta love recycling!  They are not too glittery and have an almost antique mirrored look to them.  Here’s the first card I made using one of the jewels (apologies for the pegs in the background.  The laundry had the best light in it this arvo…) :


I might add some more jewels, maybe to the red circles on the side of the card…not sure yet.

Anyway, birdie has a glittery eye and I’ve made another card.  Recycling for the win!  🙂