Quick Bling & Kidney Beans

Quick Bling & Kidney Beans

A quick post before I head off to work today.  I am going in late as I had my 6 month renal appointment this morning.  All went well.  I had a different doctor today (he was very nice and answered all my questions) but I was sorry I didn’t get to see my usual specialist.  How dare he have time off!  I hope he hasn’t retired…that’s not allowed!  Anyway, my kidney is hanging in there (with kidney number 2 just having a permanent nap, as far as anyone can tell) and I am doing fine.  Always glad to get the all-clear.  Stupidly, I am more worried about the fact I have put on a couple of kilos since my last visit 6 months ago.  I know it’s dumb and I know it’s my own fault.  Piggy McPiggerton hasn’t been watching her diet at all…gotta step up and try harder to be healthy and not comfort eat.  It’s so hard though…

Did a tiny bit of crafting last night as I couldn’t relax and needed to keep my hands busy (as opposed to picking up food with them).  Made some rings (please excuse my old lady hands in the photos) and a few pairs of earrings.  The rings were made from a broken bracelet I found in an op-shop yesterday.  A good buy as it will make about 8 rings or maybe a couple of pendants.  The earrings are also made from some recycled beads – I’m into those little cube beads at the moment, they’re cute.  Plus I love anything with wings, as you know, so they’ve got the added bling of silver wing findings.

Hope your Monday is Happy! 🙂