Wood ‘n’ Bling

On the weekend, disgusted with the majority of my card-making efforts, I decided to give it all away and make some jewellery instead.  Because it is easy.  And requires no brain power or ability to match paper with ribbons and buttons and whatnot. Sure, you have to match beads, but somehow that seems less taxing on my small and somewhat stressed-at-the-moment grey matter.

I had some nice beads made from what I can only assume are polished seeds.  Or, they are wood, at the very least.  I rescued them from some necklaces I bought in the op-shop.  LOVE a good upcycling/recycling.  And these beads are quite unique.

I paired them with some scrapbooking supplies (wooden butterflies and flowers) and some other bits and bobs.  The final pair feature a lovely,blue, glass bead and some vintagey-looking metal flowers.  I don’t love making jewellery, the way I enjoy card-making or other papercraft, but crafting is crafting, and finishing a few pairs of earrings is as good a way to spend an afternoon as any.   They made me feel like I had accomplished something for the day, other than just bad cards.

Hope you are having a productive day, whatever you’re doing 🙂






Earring Bling

Just a quickie post on some earrings I have made in the last couple of days.  I’m not into jewellery-making so much these days (I never really was – I just sort of fell into it as it was popular and easy to sell and then I got a bit obsessed…) but I had an order this weekend so I thought I would make a few pieces while I was at it…


This little pair is a simple amber and green number for a friend who doesn’t like anything too flashy. Hope she likes these…


These jade-looking ones found a home a few minutes after I made them… Funny, I was thinking about getting rid of these beads because I never use them, then changed my mind and made these earrings.  My ex-boss commented on them on my Instagram account and said she loved them.  I decided to let her have them as she has had a rough trot lately.  A little free bling can sometimes brighten things up…


These red, orange and blue beads were tricky to use – difficult colour combination plus the length of the actual bead made them hard to match with things.  Even the head pin was a little bit too short for them…


These amber and diamante earrings also gave me grief.  I liked the sapphire blue bead at the bottom, but I couldn’t get anything to go on the top that looked right.  So I had a couple of tiny boho-gold spacers that finished it off.  But I’m not entirely convinced…


Sold these little owl earrings shortly after making them – ah, the power of Facebook and Instagram!  You might remember these owl charms from a previous post


The lighting in my house is terrible and I was trying to find other places to do my photography.  Here, an echeveria succulent comes to the rescue.  Again, I have used beads salvaged from other jewellery pieces, as seen in a previous post...

So, that’s it for today, folks. Gotta make some more over the next few days so I will post those as they are finished.  Or, more likely, I will procrastinate and do something else entirely whilst ignoring the mess in my lounge-room (ie beads all over the floor).

Hope your day is bright and happy 🙂

Head down, bum up…

Head down, bum up…

I have been working hard this weekend to utilise every spare minute of time to make things for my upcoming mini-market.  I did not need to waste time re-typing this bog post (I had done a full post already but it disappeared into the cyber-ether and I don’t know what happened to it) so I am cutting it short and making this more of a pictorial post.  Because I am lazy and tired. And also because I have to keep working on my crafts instead of re-typing the draft I just lost…you understand, right?

I did well this weekend and made LOTS of stuff.  I was head down, bum up until about 1am this morning and then up again fairly early to start over again.  I was having fun though, and made some really pretty bracelets (well, I think they’re pretty…) out of recycled beads and old jewellery.  What do you think?  Some of them are a bit bright for my liking but I figured other people might have different tastes to me so why not include a few gaudy things as well as the more understated pieces.  I was trying to use up beads I have had for ages, as well as some recent purchases.  I had a few odd beads that weren’t in pairs and so couldn’t be used for earrings.  This way I used up lots of them and put them together with complementing colours.  It’s nice to create something you’re happy with 🙂

Hope your weekend has been as successful as mine, even if all you succeeded in doing is having a much needed rest and not doing anything at all!
Have a wonderful Monday tomorrow 🙂