Don’t Settle (Collage)

I’ve gotta say… I am lovin’ the bricks on this collage.  They turned out really well (*pats self on back*) and just seemed to fit with the rest of the design.  The pantsuit (isn’t it fabulous?) came from a vintage seventies pattern I found in an op-shop.  I picked up a few for 50c each – I love old dressmaking patterns and their gorgeous illustrations.  And then I cut them up ha ha.

This Deer Lady went through several changes before I settled on this head for her – she was almost a camel at one stage.  I toyed with the idea of her being a rabbit and an ostrich momentarily too, but the deer head seemed most appropriate and ladylike.

It’s one of the first times I’ve used my own quotes, rather than stealing a well-known one from someone much wiser than myself.  But it also seemed to fit.  Sometimes you’ve just gotta go with what feels right, right?

Thank you for stopping by.  Hope your day is amazing 🙂


Pretty Pegs

Pretty Pegs

How did it get to be Sunday afternoon again already?  I don’t know where the weekends go.  The weeks themselves fly by, but then it gets to the weekend and time just speeds up even more.  So unfair.

I’ve had a nice couple of days.  The weather has been lovely (too hot for some at this time of year but I love it) and I’ve spend time with my Mum and Mother-in-law.  I did a simple high tea/morning tea yesterday, nothing extravagant and we had a nice time just catching up and chilling out.  I wanted to stay in touch with my Mother-in-law as much as possible, after my marriage break-up, so I have tried to keep things as they were, at least between us.  She has always been very kind to me and welcomed me into the family straight away and I would hate to lose contact with her.  I’m not sure what the protocol is when you break up with someone, but I feel that I didn’t break up with her or the rest of the family so, while keeping a respectful distance from the ex and not making things uncomfortable for him (I don’t need to turn up at every family gathering) I think it’s ok if I at least see them for their birthdays and other big events. This week both my Mum and Mother-in-law celebrated their birthdays, hence the morning tea.  November is a busy month for me with lots of birthdays and other occasions.  I’m also doing a watercolour painting class in a couple of weeks which I am looking forward to (with some trepidation – I’m not the world’s greatest painter AT ALL but I do love the look of watercolour).

Last night (actually, late last night – I was up past midnight naughty girl) I prepared a bunch of pegs for making into my “Pretty Pegs” sets which I aim to sell at my mini-market.  They are good little sellers – easy to make and not a lot of initial outlay for materials.  Good for stocking fillers and just look really pretty when displayed.  They are also a good “TV Craft” i.e. they are something I can do whilst watching telly.  I like to multi-task! 🙂

So, last night I glued co-ordinating papers to the pegs in sets of four.  I used Ranger Matt Accents – it glues well and dries quickly, sealing the paper to the wood nicely.  I left the pegs to dry overnight to make sure the paper had bonded well.  This morning I sat and snipped the paper so it was nice and close to the edges of the pegs and then sanded them to give them a lived-in, distressed look and to take off any rough edges.  I hate sanding – it takes forever (well, not really, but I am an impatient crafter!).  I had quite a few little sets to do:


Lots of pegs!


Extreme close up! 

Next I will tie the pegs together in their matching sets with a length of raffia (which I have just realised I have run out of) and attach a little tag that gives ideas for using the pegs and voila!  That’s it.  Easy-peasy.  Which is what you want on a lazy Sunday afternoon.  I am hoping to make a few more things today…so stay tuned! 🙂


Cheated a bit here – I used a photo from some sets I made previously (“here’s one I made earlier!”)

Sunday Night

Sunday Night

Well it’s Sunday night and time to pack up the crafty bits, iron tomorrow’s work clothes and do the dishes.  Time to say Goodbye to the weekend and get ready for the week.  I’ve watched the last episode of My Kitchen Rules and made my lunch for tomorrow.  Sigh – where does the weekend go?  Why do the hours go so fast on Saturday and Sunday and crawl by on a weekday?  All I know is that by the time Sunday night rolls around, I am overcome with a melancholy only an immediate lottery win could fix.

Just want to show you my card-making efforts for today.  I had a slow start and faffed around a bit for the first couple of hours, not making anything particularly good.  The last two cards were a lot better and I was able to end my craft session on a satisfied note.  Hope you had a successful Sunday and are all prepared for Monday 🙂


Just couldn’t get this card to work – took about two hours to match the buttons (and still didn’t succeed!).  Couldn’t make the word below work either – until I added the white banner.  That helped a lot!

ImageWas determined with this card to finish it and finish it quickly!  Kept it simple.  It’s not great but I did get to use the new lace that I bought!


ImageLiked this one.  I had some paper-tole butterflies that I wanted to use on cards and this was the first one I tried.  I just built up the middle butterfly with padded tape and left it at that.  The butterflies already had some glitter on them – that was enough embellishment.


ImageWas really happy with this one – it turned out so pretty and the colours worked really well despite the butterfly and papers not being from the same company or line.  I did a bit of stamping as well, just to add an extra dimension.  Built up the butterfly in the same way as the previous card.

Treasured Craft Creations

Treasured Craft Creations

Ah, weekend…is there any sweeter word?  Well, it’s a sweet word now that I don’t have to work on weekends!  Even sweeter when it’s combined with “Craft” and “Show”.  This particular weekend was host to the “Treasured Craft Creations” 3-in–1 market at the Claremont Show Grounds.  It is held several times a year and combines art’n’craft, vintage and antiques & collectables all under the one roof.  You could easily spend a whole day if you were to check out everything on display and go to each different section.  Mum and I (being seasoned TTC regulars) were only interested in the craft area this time so spent just a few (happy) hours wandering around the stalls and buying a few supplies and gifts.  We know which stalls we want to look at and which ones we don’t have a need for (there’s only so many times you can see crocheted peg holders or ironing board covers) but, this time, there were a few new stalls to check out which was a nice change and warranted further inspection and the taking home of business cards and flyers.

Anyway, here’s a selection of goodies on display…

Lots and lots of lavender – pretty purple everywhere! (I don’t remember seeing the
lavender sherbet lollies at the time otherwise I would have bought some!




Pretty gypsy-inspired jewellery, bags and scarves…


Love, love, loved this stall (Clay & Clasp) by local artist Lucy.  Such pretty pastel colours and cute designs.  I was so busy trying to get a photo,
I didn’t actually stop and buy something.  But I’m going to the website to see what takes my fancy.  Love the macaroon necklaces – how cute are they?
(sorry, photo is a bit blurry…hard to take a decent pic in jostling crowds!)



Lots of lovely soaps – handmade with glorious scents…


Cool little wooden plaques – like the colour scheme…beachy!


Adorable bunny pendant – also had dogs, cats, koalas etc.  Super cute!


Fabric and more fabric in every conceivable colour and pattern…


Plenty of jewellery for all styles and budgets… (I always look at jewellery for its components…can I make
something else with these beads/charms etc?)


We had a quick look at all the vintage clothes but we were really in more of a crafty mood so we moved on after a short while…


Candles everywhere!  Lots of lovely soy-based ones with beautiful fragrances and colours (although I must admit I like the plain cream ones best).
Mum picked up a few 
tea lights for her oil burner and little candle holders.


Loved these little owl pictures – isn’t he sweet, all sequinned and fluffy?


Something to jazz up your plant pots – Flower Pot Fillies!


I really must get into the cabochon trend – really like the jewellery and hair clips people are making…


This was one of the new stalls – “With Love by Bec” – great stuff, very reasonably priced and such pretty things! Lots of stripes
and polka dots and bunting (three of my favourite things!).  I really wanted the polka dot satchel…I ummed and aahed about it too long and
when I went back it was gone 😦




Gorgeous glass beads and steampunk jewellery…



Quirky-but-beautiful pottery.  Loved these indigo-hued bowls and dishes. Some of them had little feet and wings!


I have to admit my ultimate aim at these craft shows is to stock up on card blanks.  Boring I know but necessary.
P & K Craft Supplies always have awesome-quality blanks and I tend to come out with a big bagful of stuff…
I think the owner might think I am stalking him – he sees me at EVERY craft show he does.


So, what did I buy?  Well…I was reasonably restrained and just got things I knew I would use….

Lots of cards and envelopes, some bookmarks and some glitter
(and some teeny little price tags for when I’m selling my jewellery etc)


Some beautiful lace – Mum and I went halves on a 12 metre bundle – only $5.00!


An awesome “seconds” bag of Twiddlybitz pieces.  All this for $5.00!  Most of it was in perfect condition and the bits
that weren’t were so minimally damaged it was barely even visible.  Bargain!


So that was just a selection of the fine things on display.  My camera died very early on in proceedings so I couldn’t get as many pictures as I would have liked.  I did get fudge though and THAT is important!  Now I have a day at home to spend making cards and maybe tidying up a little bit (ha! unlikely!).  Then it’s back to work tomorrow…boo…but work equals pay packet and pay packet equals craft supplies so, y’know, it’s a necessity…  Happy crafting everyone – hope your weekend has been fun 🙂

New Beginnings, Engagements & More Mess

New Beginnings, Engagements & More Mess

The “tidying and clearing up” phase for the week has ended in some tidying and clearing and then a lot of piles of stuff just moved to different corners of the house.  That counts, right?  I can only only be organised and domestic for so long before the inner clutter-bug in me decides to start making a mess again.  Yesterday I sat and made a few cards and a pair of earrings and another flag necklace.  There is mess everywhere but I don’t care.  I am starting my new job tomorrow and I am FREAKING OUT and my brain cannot settle enough to actually make things neat and tidy around here. So…



Very simple friendship card.  Emphasis on simple!  I like the colours though (thanks Kaisercraft for the “Magnolia Grove” range)



Another simple card (told you my brain wasn’t working!).  Papers & stickers from American Crafts‘ “Dear Lizzy/5th & Frolic” range.



Another “collage” card using Kaisercraft’s “Needle & Thread” range.

I also started mucking about with my jewellery stash (as I was given a bag of unwanted jewellery from a friend this week) and made this pair of simple earrings (I’d also just bought a load of pretty glass pearls that I wanted to use…):


These look a little “Wedding-y” to me…which might come in handy (see below)




Dabbling with Washi tape to cover and decorate this wooden bangle…still not finished, still fiddling!  Might add some fabric strips or something…

My lovely brother-in-law and his equally lovely girlfriend got engaged yesterday so super big Congratulations to them!  I am so excited for them – they are so good together and I hope they will be fantastically happy forever and ever!  Also, I want more nephews and nieces, so, y’know, they need to get a wriggle on there, ha ha!  So I guess there will be a wedding coming up soon – just glad it’s not mine!  Weddings are hard work! 🙂  Hope I can help them as much as possible and support them in whatever way they need.  I’m always kinda secretly surprised when people get married these days.  In this cynical day and age it seems almost an old-fashioned thing to do and it gets a lot of bad press.  I’m glad it’s still embraced by some.  Love is love and I’m glad it’s still all around, in whatever form it takes.

Drove to my new workplace today to make sure I know where I am going tomorrow…I am a nervous driver so it’s good for me to get my bearings and directions well in advance.  Also, driving there tomorrow in peak hour traffic will not be fun so it’s better that I know where I am going – one less thing to concentrate on.  I’m so tired today and it’s partly because I am nervous and not sleeping due to worrying about starting work on Monday.  I know it will be ok but I am nothing if not a worrier!

Hope your weekend has been worry-free and super relaxing.  I’m off to make more mess while I still have time 🙂

Bunnies, Bunting and Brownies

Bunnies, Bunting and Brownies

Happy Belated Easter everybody!  Hope you had a lovely weekend (whether or not you celebrate Easter itself) and were able to get some relaxation, recuperation and, what’s another ‘R’ word? Restoration?  Anyway, hope you had fun and enjoyed time with loved ones (or just lots of lovely chocolate if you’re lucky enough to be able to eat it!).

I had a busy weekend, visiting family and catching up with people.  I also got lots of crafting time in (with the countdown to my new, full time job I am crafting up a storm whenever I get the chance!) and made a few bits and pieces.  I made a sweet little necklace with some wooden bunting/pennants from KaiserCraft, that I covered with patterned papers and sealed with Ranger Ink Matte Accents glaze.  I’ve already had one friend say she wants one made for her so I guess it looked ok!



I also worked on some simple, collage-based cards using some butterfly-shaped blanks I bought from the local discount shop – 5 cards with envelopes for 99 cents! I had the idea of collaging them with different papers, almost like a patchwork quilt, when I saw them in the shop.  I added a small scrap of text and a button for embellishment.  The cards worked out quite well and weren’t too time-consuming.  I glued the paper pieces on with gel medium and used that to seal the cards too.  Here’s the first attempt (forgot to take photos of subsequent ones!):




I spent some time at Mum’s and she showed me the projects she’d been working on (both taken from Somerset Studio magazines).  This cute little bird box:


…and some fabric flowers/roses that she’ll use for embellishments on other projects.  Love these!:




They are created by twisting 1″ strips of fabric around a knot, stitching or glueing as you go, then added beads, pearls etc in the centre for accent.  They are attached to a circle of text paper and some lace or burlap or whatever suits your fancy!  Fiddly but easy enough to do – I’m gonna practice making some later!

It’s my last day at my current job tomorrow.  I’m having an afternoon tea “send-off” so I attempted to make some cake pops to take with me.  Having never made them before (but they always look so pretty!) I wasn’t really prepared for how long they take.  Also, they are so sweet!  I kinda feel the spectre of Diabetes hanging over me, just by being in the room with the little suckers!  I made a bunch of them, but, not being particularly enamoured of them, I made a big batch of brownies as well.  Brownies never let me down!  I’m not going to show you the Cake Pops – they are a bit sad and ugly.  Just use your imagination 🙂

Hope your week has gotten off to a good start and that April Fool’s Day didn’t harbour any nasty surprises or pranks.  All the best for a safe and happy April 🙂

Zombie Fail

Zombie Fail

I met with my lovely friend GK yesterday for a cuppa and catch-up.  She is my own personal little cheer squad when I am feeling down.  She is funny and smart and talented and just a bit nuts (thankfully – hanging out with super sane people just makes me insecure!).  We talked about life, love and what-the-hell-is-wrong-with-men type of things.  I need someone like her right now.  We’ve known each other for about 25 years – if I haven’t scared her off yet, hopefully she’ll stick around some more.

GK asked me (for reasons unknown) to “do something with zombies!” for the blog.  I can’t say that zombies are my forte.  I’ve watched The Walking Dead a bit (only in the day time though ’cause it is scary!) and a couple of zombie movies but I’m hardly an expert.  I know they moan a lot and look kinda gross and possibly have brains hanging out of their skulls.  I know they eat people.  I know they walk really slowly (like those people in shopping centres who WILL NOT GET OUT OF YOUR WAY WHEN YOU’RE IN A HURRY!) and they don’t have much fashion sense.  I can’t say I’ve ever drawn one before or thought much about them.

So I got to doodling last night and decided very quickly that a.) my drawing skills are rubbish and b.) that is especially true when zombies are in the mix.  It is safe to say my zombie craft night was a bit of a fail.  Examples:


Ok, so this guy looks like a cross between Frankenstein’s Monster and a member of a boy-band.  I only had bright pink marker pens so his brain is a little bit lively for a zombie.  I don’t even know what “zombie love” is.  I sincerely hope I don’t find out!


Coloured in outside the lines on the hearts… *slaps wrist and goes in the naughty corner for bad colouring*


This chap is possibly more zombie-like but I smudged him when I was colouring…annoying!  He looks more like an alien than a zombie.  But I tried!


See?  Smudgy neck…maybe it’s blood?

Well, anyway, I hope GK appreciates the effort and knows that I love her even if I can’t draw very well or colour INSIDE the lines.  Hope these little doodles brighten her day as she helped to brighten mine yesterday.

Zombie Love to you all!  🙂