Head down, bum up…

Head down, bum up…

I have been working hard this weekend to utilise every spare minute of time to make things for my upcoming mini-market.  I did not need to waste time re-typing this bog post (I had done a full post already but it disappeared into the cyber-ether and I don’t know what happened to it) so I am cutting it short and making this more of a pictorial post.  Because I am lazy and tired. And also because I have to keep working on my crafts instead of re-typing the draft I just lost…you understand, right?

I did well this weekend and made LOTS of stuff.  I was head down, bum up until about 1am this morning and then up again fairly early to start over again.  I was having fun though, and made some really pretty bracelets (well, I think they’re pretty…) out of recycled beads and old jewellery.  What do you think?  Some of them are a bit bright for my liking but I figured other people might have different tastes to me so why not include a few gaudy things as well as the more understated pieces.  I was trying to use up beads I have had for ages, as well as some recent purchases.  I had a few odd beads that weren’t in pairs and so couldn’t be used for earrings.  This way I used up lots of them and put them together with complementing colours.  It’s nice to create something you’re happy with 🙂

Hope your weekend has been as successful as mine, even if all you succeeded in doing is having a much needed rest and not doing anything at all!
Have a wonderful Monday tomorrow 🙂








Christmas is coming…

Christmas is coming…

I decided to get some Christmas cards made today – I am seriously behind on getting them ready for Christmas and so I need to devote a bit of time to them this fortnight (even though I want to get stuck in and play with those lovely new beads!).  I had a horrible back issue today – I’m in desperate need of a physio appointment but I just can’t afford it right now as my Health Insurance has run out for the year (roll on January!) – so I was being a bit pathetic and not accomplishing much.  But I did get a handful of simple cards done  and some is better than none!  Here they are :


This “word” panel actually had “love” in the middle of it.  But I decided to cover it with the matching red paper
so I could use the crocheted lace in the centre for a bit of texture.


Another crocheted flower (courtesy of my lovely cousin)…


This little guy needed a little something…


…so with the next one, I added a traditional snowman hat.  Much better I think 🙂

So, not a bad day’s effort in between moaning and groaning about my back and doing laundry and making dinner etc (whoops – which is still on the stove…).

Hope your weekend was happy and you got lots of whatever you love to do, done!

Thanks for visiting! 🙂


Op Shop Beauties

Op Shop Beauties

I have been really good lately, not spending money or going op-shopping.  I have to watch my pennies as I am now paying rent and bills on my own and I am a bit paranoid that I won’t be able to manage.  So I’ve been extra thrifty (to the point of dumbness – like not having food in the house) and just trying to live as frugally as possible.  That is until yesterday when I made the mistake of going to a craft shop and then an op shop.  Deadly mistake.  I did need craft supplies because I’d run out of some things and so I think those purchases are justified when I do intend on selling some things I’ve made and therefore recouping some money.  I needed to get some new beads too and so I went to some op shops to see what I could pick up there (so much cheaper than going to a bead shop and you get a great selection, often vintage and in larger amounts than you might otherwise be able to afford in a speciality bead shop where you are charged BY THE BEAD in most cases) and was particularly looking for turquoise and bright yellows. reds and oranges.

Well….I was in luck (my wallet was not, however).  I got some really lovely glass beads in the colours I needed and LOTS of turquoise in different shapes and sizes.  I spent a bit more than I had intended, but I’m still happy with what I got and think they were a bargain.  So, now I just have to take them apart and make some lovely new things!


Lovely, lovely pearls.  Really good quality glass ones.  VERY heavy – they would weigh your neck down! The beaded feature on it is kinda 1920s-ish-looking but I will put it aside and maybe make something with it later…I just wanted the pearls!  There’s over a metre of them in total!


Love these orangey-yellow glass orbs.  So sunny!


This brown-toned necklace caught my eye for all the little tiny beads and charms.  But I’ve decided to keep it for me to wear.  This one is NOT being taken apart!


Gorgeous turquoise!  Several different strands on one necklace – a bargain!  Some are plastic which is a shame because I generally stick to glass, but I can make them work 🙂


More turquoise and blues and little accents of red.  Like the big pendant, but Mum liked that so I think I will just put something together with it for her.

So, a good afternoon’s buying. I don’t feel too guilty as I will use all of it and I saved a lot of money that WOULD have been spent if I had bought them per bead or got them from a “proper” shop.  Op-shopping rules!  This was a particularly lucky day – sometimes I don’t find anything which is really frustrating.

Going to do my laundry now and then get stuck into “making”.  I have lots of creative things on the go right now and I’m not sure which to tackle first so will probably end up just making a mess.  You know how it is.

Hope you’re weekend is going wonderfully well and that the sun is shining in your little part of the world.

To my dear friend GK who is going through some rough times right now : Look after yourself and remember you are loved x

Livin’ for the Weekend…

Livin’ for the Weekend…

Ah, the weekend… Never was there a sweeter word (unless of course you work on the weekend and hate your job).  I currently live for the weekends.  There I can sleep in (unless I’m going out for breakfast of course…even I will get up early for that one) and potter about, wear my daggy clothes and no makeup and basically be a bum.  This weekend has already been quite busy, doctor’s appointments, catching up with friends and hanging out with my Mum.  Right now I should be cleaning my filth-pit of a house.  But I’m not.  Obviously.  Because I am writing this entry.  I’m thinking about cleaning and feeling really guilty about it though.  Honest!

This week I have been using every spare second to make things for my upcoming mini-market (have decided not to call it a craft sale – that sounds daggy and twee).  A few nights this week I have stayed up well past my bed-time finishing off earrings and other jewellery items.  I’ve been up late glazing collage pendants and cutting out jewellery cards.  I’ve been making a mess basically.  I’m going to tidy up tonight and get cracking on some Christmas cards because I don’t have many ready for sale and I know a lot of people will be expecting those on the day.

It’s a lovely day outside; sunny and blue sky, light breeze and white fluffy clouds.  Gorgeous weather.  But I have no time to sit around gazing at the sky and being all relaxed and chilled.  I have STUFF to make and ideas to formulate and, um, a messy house to clean.

Which I will do.  In a minute.  Might need a cup of tea first and some reading time.  Craft magazines of course, for research.  I am dying to use my package of paper clay but don’t want to open it until I know exactly what I’m doing with it.  I want to make some birdies and maybe some brooches… I can see these Christmas cards are not going to get made any time soon.

So, here’s a sneak peak at some of the items I have made this week.  I’ve branched out a little bit and made some things using “boho” gold.  I don’t wear gold and don’t like it, but I know a lot of people do, so I’ve had to compromise a bit and use the next best thing which is boho gold – a sort of tarnished-looking, not so gaudy gold.  Lots of silver and turquoise (I have a few friends coming that I know are into the boho/ethnic/aztec look…) and bling:

ImageVery simple, but quite elegant silver heart earrings.  I’d wear these…if I had my ears pierced (must get that done again!)…


Just bought these glass beads – I think they work well with the boho-gold…


Butterfly pendant – no bubbles in the glaze!  Hooray!


Dainty little turquoise earrings.  Cute but colourful…


Blown-glass hearts – such a pretty pale green…

ImageMore boho gold…I’m getting used to it…


More turquoise – this time showing off my new backing cards – I was pleased with the cards, they work really well with all the different earrings and were easy to make (using Kaisercraft papers)…


Blingy bracelet – kinda reminds me of Christmas with its little stars and bells… The bells were actually off a vintage bracelet I took apart to make things with…


“Time for Tea?” earrings…


“Travel” necklace – I was pleased with how this turned out and the colours together work (I think)…I’d had those charms for ages and couldn’t find a use for them but paired with some bright beads, I think they’re pretty funky…

I’ve made LOADS more stuff but don’t want to bore you with it all at once.  Lots more to make and I am freaking out that I only have about 5 weeks until my market day.  I want to have plenty of things on display so it looks great when people walk in.  I’ll have to make the most of every day, even when it’s only a few hours after work.  Oh well, housework will have to wait.  What a shame 🙂

New Job & The TARDIS

New Job & The TARDIS

Hi everybody,

Well, I survived my first week at my new job.  It wasn’t so bad and I think I did OK.  I have basically been left to my own devices a lot and still don’t have a clear idea of what I’m supposed to be doing or, rather, how I should go about doing it, but I am hoping to get some more direction and instruction as time goes on.  I knew it would be an autonomous role (which I liked) but I thought I would be given some procedures or directives to follow.  At the moment I am just wading through a backlog of work that has been piling up – but, as I don’t know exactly how to go about things, I am just shuffling paper around for most of the day, trying to make sense of things.  My neck pain has been terrible (always made worse with stress) and I had a bit of a meltdown on Thursday evening – just trying to cope with everything AND be in chronic pain AND cope with relationship problems AND feel like I’ve gotten myself into a bad situation again.  Anyway, week one over and done with.  The people are very nice and friendly, I can make myself cups of tea whenever I feel the need (salvation!) and I have worked out the best route to travel to and fro (still takes me up to an hour to get to work but it’s ok and not too stressful).  Now I just have to figure out how to do my job! 🙂

On a sadder note, we had to say Goodbye to our beloved tabby cat, Bronte, on Monday night.  She had gone down hill rapidly this year and despite us desperately wanting her to reach the grand old age of 20 in November, we had to make the decision to let her go.  I was with her at her birth and will love her forever.  I hope Heaven has a sunny spot for her somewhere – she will be greatly missed and left a great big pawprint on all of our hearts.


Hubby and I went to a fancy dress party last night.  It had a Time Travel theme.  I have to admit, I really hate parties.  I am not good at them and I don’t enjoy them at all.  Most of my hubby’s friends are much younger than I am and so I always feel out of place and like an old fuddy-duddy.  I hate the super loud music (God, I am a fuddy-duddy!) and I’m not good at small talk with strangers and I can just feel myself projecting a “Hello – I am very dull” vibe.  Anyway, it was ok.  I went as The TARDIS from Doctor Who.  Well, an approximation of it anyway! I hadn’t had time in the week to get together an outfit to wear so two hours before the party I started making things…




TARDIS POLICE BOX JACKET (didn’t want to pin anything to my dress…)

So, not the world’s best costume but hey, I only had a couple of hours… At least people knew what I was.  Poor hubby went as Rufus, from “Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure” but no one knew who he was.  I think they were all too young – some of them wouldn’t even have been born when the movie came out.  But I thought he looked awesome anyway.  My outfit wasn’t completely authentic or even correct (in terms of some of the wording on the hat and jacket) but I didn’t care.  I’m just happy I managed to put something together and that people didn’t keep asking me who I was supposed to be.  Luckily there was quite a few “Doctors” in the house so I fitted in well!

Today we got up an 1.30 In the Afternoon!!!!  Disgusting!  I hate wasting the weekends but we were obviously both tired and needed the sleep.  Now I don’t have time to do any crafting as there is housework to do and errands to run.

Just a short post today – if I get anything made or have something ground-breaking to write about, I will let you know!  Hope you’re all having a lovely weekend, wherever you are in space or time 🙂


Bookmarks & Breakfast

Bookmarks & Breakfast

Hubby and I went to breakfast this morning.  One of our favourite restaurants is The Precinct, a local pub/coffee/foodie bar.  It has beautiful food (of the very-tiny-and-just-a-bit-posh variety) and decent coffee and an ever-changing menu.  There is usually something for us vegos on there and we’ve been numerous times and never had a bad meal.  They have gorgeous desserts (most of which I can’t have because they involve chocolate) and an awesome range of “bar snacks” like home-made potato chips, rosemary popcorn and, um, biltong (jerky) which is gross if you ask me (but then you probably wouldn’t ’cause I’m vegetarian).  The place has a trendy, retro feel and they use a lot of recycled bits and pieces for their cutlery holders, plates, water bottles and even the menus are printed on recycled paper.

This morning I went fairly plain and just had some slow cooked eggs on toast with a home-made hash brown (sneaky!  who ordered that?  Oh yeah, I did!) and a nice cup of English Breakfast tea.  It was simple and not so exciting but hit the spot nevertheless.  I’m pretty simple and non-exciting myself!


Hubby had been hanging out to try the new waffle plate dish which consisted of waffles (duh), maple syrup and a dark chocolate egg filled with a white chocolate/citrus dipping sauce.  He also got a hash brown (to help off-set the sweetness a little he says) and a coffee.





Afterwards, we headed home for a pretty lazy Sunday.  It was nice to just hang out at home, hubby watching tv and me doing crafts and making a mess (ha!).  I made a bunch of jewellery – earrings, pendants that I will post pics of later – and a few little beaded bookmarks.  I’d seen these in a recent issue of Molly Makes and thought I could give them a go.  I didn’t have all the right materials – should have used velvet ribbon for a more luxe look and had a wider end clasp – but I used up some charms I hadn’t found use for elsewhere and I kinda like the finished product as I first try.  I will pick up some more supplies today and have a go at making some “better” ones.






This little Aussie Echidna and Gum Tree Bookmark might be a good one to send as a gift to overseas rellies.


You know I love anything with birds on…and I like the fresh “Spring” colours and theme on this one.


This one was the first one I made and it might be a little bit lightweight and sparse…it might need a bit of tarting up with some extra beads or bling.  Like the mauve gingham though.

Anyway, I am glad to have found a new project that is quick and easy to do, not expensive and uses up all those leftover beads and charms.  Two thumbs up!

Hope you are having a happy Sunday (or Monday, as it now for me!) and get to enjoy some quiet time at home with your loved ones.  I had a job interview on Friday so now the anxious wait to see if I got the position.  Wish me luck! 🙂

Earrings ahoy!

Earrings ahoy!

A friend of mine recently asked me to make her some earrings.  I wasn’t sure exactly what she’d want other than some basic colour choices (green, blue & purple) so I just went ahead and made a whole bunch so she could choose which ones she liked.  I was happy to do it for her and happy to not charge anything at all for them but she insisted on paying for them and decided she wanted ALL OF THEM!  My bank balance says “Yay!” and does a happy dance.  I’m not a master jeweller or anything – I probably have horrible technique really but they turned out ok and she is pleased with them.  See what you think…

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