Cleaning = Crafting

Cleaning = Crafting

Spent much of Monday (it was a public holiday) trying to clean up my messy house. I have beads and jewellery-making supplies all over the place. It is quite embarrassing. There is no hope for me. I actually start living around the mess which is terrible really. So, anyway, I attempted to tidy up, put things away and sort stuff out on Monday. But we all know (or at least can predict) what actually happened. That’s right, I crafted instead. Whilst tidying. It basically went like this:
1. Vacuum floor.

2. Get distracted by beads. Sit down and play with beads. Drop beads on newly hoovered floor.

3. Vacuum floor again.

4. Collect up newly purchased beads and try to put them in containers and bead boxes.

5. Ooh, aren’t they pretty? I wonder if these blue ones will look nice with these red ones…?

6. Make mess.

7. Get annoyed with self. Make cup of tea, and despair.

8. Get motivated and start sorting through beads and findings and get rid of (i.e. donate to op-shop) beads unwanted.

9. Have second thoughts and rescue beads from op-shop bag.

10. Start making bracelets and earrings. Ignore mess.

And so it went on. HOPELESS is not the word for it. I might as well show you what I made…


I liked these blue glass beads with the simple silver embellishments…might keep them for myself…


Little pearly wonders…


Not sure about this one…the colours aren’t me but I guess someone might like the Autumn tones…


Different coloured stone chips…getting lazy now, only using a few colours!


And again!


I do not know what my obsession is with these skull beads…but they make me smile. Lord knows who would wear them! We don’t celebrate Day of the Dead over here so I might find these ones do not sell…

So there you go. Not exactly anything awe-inspiring but at least I was creative and productive.
My house is still a mess though. I should probably vacuum the floor again too 🙂