Crazy Amazing Friend

Finally, after many months of doing not-much-at-all (craft-wise), I made some cards this weekend.  My craft studio is now a total mess, but that’s ok.  I am not going to beat myself up about it because the whole point of having an area dedicated to art is that it can be as messy as I need it to be and not impact on the rest of the house.  I have been very good and haven’t taken my crafty supplies downstairs into the lounge room (my usual habit – watching TV and making things at the same time).  I’ve left the mess upstairs.  And it’s been great.  I sit up there for hours and time passes happily but very quickly.  I have a big cup of tea and avoid the fridge (my other habit – eating too much).

Anyway, despite a nasty headache and some eye problems, I made a few cards I am pleased with.  Was kinda hard to get back into the swing of things but once I got going, it was happy days 🙂  I’ve missed it.

So, to start, here is one of the cards I completed.  After I took this photo I actually added some string to her little sign – so it doesn’t look like it’s just stuck there on her front.  She’s wearing it around her neck instead).  I  like her – she’s a bit wacky.  The arms/hands made me laugh and just look at her jazzy shoes and stockings!   I made her up of all different bits and pieces – vintage paper dolls, gift wrap and even a chopped-up doily.  Anyway, I was happy with her – so nice when that happens!  I’m easily discouraged, so it’s really a relief when I create something I am satisfied with.

I have been invited to participate in a Christmas Craft Market in December so I am now madly getting stock together. I am seriously low on everything and I don’t want to have a table with nothing on it! I don’t have a lot of time and pesky work gets in the way.  I am trying to utilise my evenings better and not waste the hours just watching TV or faffing about.  Now the weather is a bit warmer, I can sit comfortably somewhere other than right on top of the heater, and get stuff done.

Hope your day is happy and creative x



Dear Friend

Another birdy card.  I just like birds, ok?  They add a nice finishing touch and some colour.  And I like that they add direction ie they are usually not square (I find that birds rarely are!) and help to draw the eye in or across, and tie all the elements together.  You know what I mean – don’t make me try to make sense!

Having said that, I struggled with this card.  I added bits, and took bits away, and fiddled around for AGES, trying to get it to look right.  In the end, I gave up and settled for what it had become.  A day later, I don’t mind it now.  I think adding the green square in the upper corner helped to bring all the colours and elements together without having to add another image or word or heavily patterned piece.

Do you have tried-and-true elements or images you like to use in your designs?  I’d love to hear what inspires you and makes your design process easier.

Have a lovely day, dear friends 🙂


Earrings ahoy!

Earrings ahoy!

A friend of mine recently asked me to make her some earrings.  I wasn’t sure exactly what she’d want other than some basic colour choices (green, blue & purple) so I just went ahead and made a whole bunch so she could choose which ones she liked.  I was happy to do it for her and happy to not charge anything at all for them but she insisted on paying for them and decided she wanted ALL OF THEM!  My bank balance says “Yay!” and does a happy dance.  I’m not a master jeweller or anything – I probably have horrible technique really but they turned out ok and she is pleased with them.  See what you think…

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