Small Things

Hello everyone – just a quickie post today.

I haven’t done any crafting for weeks, due to illness and getting my house redecorated, and also just not having the inclination.  Always makes me worry when that happens – where does the creativity urge go when it disappears for a while?  I guess it just gets used on other stuff that requires that part of your brain for the time being.

I painted this picture a few weeks back.  I have since bought a couple of other stencils because I am a bit addicted to that brick one – I use it on everything.  I have toyed with the idea of doing a larger version on my own walls but know it will end in disaster and much face-palming and crying from me.  Sometimes I have great visions of what could be achieved, only to realise I don’t possess the necessary skill or talent.  It’s very disappointing.  I blame Pinterest 🙂

I am hoping to get back into something arty this weekend.  Just a little something to get me back in the mood, creatively speaking.

Thanks for dropping by x

Materials : canvas, gesso, acrylic paint, paint pen, pigma pens, permanent pencil.
I will have this piece up on my soon-to-be-opened online shop soon!


Warm Wishes

Warm Wishes

A very quick but kinda cute card for today.  I was trying to not be fussy (yet again) and get a card made in less than the normal FOREVER that it takes me.  Seriously, I am so darn slow! I get finicky about matching colours and shades and, well, everything.  But I like how this one turned out.  It has a nice vintage look to it and the little snowman is festive and jolly.  I used Liquid Pearls on the eyes and buttons to add some dimension and edged the papers with distress ink.  That can help to bring a card together and make everything seem to match.

So, warm wishes to you today, wherever you are 🙂


Workin’ up (beads) of sweat…

Workin’ up (beads) of sweat…

It was a lovely sunny day in Perth today – nice and breezy but still hot out in the sun.  I went for an early morning walk with my pal A.M. and got some exercise in (I went out to dinner last night – seriously needed to walk THAT off!).  We had a good catch up and gossip and did a fair bit of walking, working up a sweat (which is gross, let’s face it, but supposedly good).  A.M. is currently house-sharing with my soon-to-be-ex-hubby and it was good to get someone else’s perspective on living with him!  She’s in a new relationship herself and it was so nice to hear that she’s happy and doing well, being supported emotionally and looked after as she should be.  I try not to be jealous of that – mostly I am just happy she’s happy ’cause she is pretty awesome 🙂

The rest of the day was spent crafting up a storm.  I sometimes feel like my home is a sweatshop…a happy little sweatshop though!  I have lots and lots of jewellery orders to get done and I am a bit behind on them, so wanted to get lots done today to reduce my backlog a little bit.  My friend K has pages and pages of stuff ordered so I tried to knock a few of her requests off the list so she won’t be waiting too long for it all.  I feel rested and revived after a day of crafting, whether it be card-making or jewellery or anything else creative.  Just hanging out at home on my own with the stereo on, or some daggy dvds that I’ve watched a million times (it was “Cry Baby” today – love it, can’t stop humming the tunes now), restores my spirit and revitalises me, ready for the week ahead.

So…here’s what I made for K today.  She had bought a few different beads she wanted me to use so I had to incorporate them where I could.  I hope she likes what I’ve done.  Some of them were a little bit tricky as they were beads that would normally be strung rather than have a headpin through them.
For instance, these turquoise “spikes”…


…I had to create a fiddly figure-of-eight attachment for them, which had me cursing a little bit but worked in the end.  I looped the tiger tail wire through the crimping beads and clamped them in nice and tightly, snipping the rough ends off.  I then made them into earrings with some wooden beads.  I think they look ok!


Next up, I made a necklace and earring set using the beads I bought a couple of weeks ago. K had wanted some yellow beaded items to go with a bright yellow dress she has.  Hopefully she likes the yellow and orange combo!


Next on the agenda, K had given me some tiger-eye beads to use in necklaces and earrings.
I thought they would look good with wooden beads and I happened to have a couple of tiger eye beads of my own as well to help the design along…I’m pleased with the result and think it looks ok (hope K thinks the same!)



I had made a bracelet featuring black and pearl beads for K before – now she wanted a matching set of earrings and a necklace (as you do!).  So I whipped them up as quickly as possible so I could move on to the next thing.



I made a purple and black onyx pair of earrings…


…a red coral pair…


…and onyx, glass, wood and coral necklace…


…this simple pair using some multicoloured beads K provided…


…a black, shell and quartz (? I’m guessing here – K provided these hard-to-use chips…I think they’re quartz but I’m no geologist!)…


…a pair of pretty earrings using these beads K gave me.  They remind me of eyeballs or frog spawn!


…similar beads, different look with ceramic leaves added…


…and last, but not least – black, wooden and coral beaded earrings…


So I was a busy little bee today.  Feeling accomplished and satisfied that I got a lot done.  I even did my washing, walked down to buy groceries (twice – I forgot to take my purse the first time – duh!) and made dinner.  I did, however, forget that I was supposed to be working on a report for tomorrow at work – whoops!  Better get on to that now…or make a cup of tea…or another pair of earrings? 🙂

Hope you’ve had a great weekend x

Mini Market Madness

Mini Market Madness

Well, the day had finally arrived for my Mini Market Day…all my hard work and staying-up-late-nights and stressing over would I have enough and would I have enough room and what if people don’t like it and what if everything sucks and I humiliate myself… Because I am nothing if not slightly paranoid and dumb.

My lovely Mum helped me set everything up last night because I was having an attacks of the-I-don’t-know-what-to-do-first dilemmas and basically just walking around in circles bemoaning the fact I am very disorganised and a bit mental.  It actually didn’t take long and this morning we were ready so early that we sat about twiddling our thumbs for an hour or so before everyone was due to arrive.

Once I had set everything out and it was all pretty and well presented, I realised I actually had quite a bit of stuff… I had worked hard, by crikey!  All those hours of work had paid off and I had some nice pieces on display.  I was quite proud of myself for getting it all done.  I think in the end I had made 100 cards, 21 bracelets, 15 necklaces, 100 pairs of earrings plus pretty peg sets, brooches, rings and goodness knows what else.  Not bad for one little chickadee on her own in the midst of a separation, move to a new home and starting a new job.  I’m allowed a little bit of patting myself on the back (for once).

I had about 25 people come during the day and it was really relaxed and happy and people were taking their time and having a chat and a bite to eat.  I wasn’t stressed or freaking out and I think everyone enjoyed themselves and were happy with what they bought.  I hope so anyway.

The weather was perfect – I couldn’t have asked for a better day.  Blue skies, a little bit of cloud and a lovely breeze that stopped it getting stuffy in my house and allowed people to look at things we’d set up outside without getting too hot.

My Mum made me some pretty bunting to hang up in the courtyard and some lovely little paper birdhouses for decoration…



We made far too much food (as always).  Brownies and cupcakes (complete with cupcake toppers I made yesterday), coconut ice, apricot bites, caramelised onion tarts and shortbread.  My friends brought some scones and muffins too.  So much food left over!  Luckily, I think there is a morning tea on at work tomorrow so guess who will be bringing in a few plates to share?





The brownies could have been a disaster.  I forgot to put the baking powder in them and have to yank them back out of the oven and mix in some in.  I didn’t think it would work but they actually came out really nice – fudgey and gooey and yum.  It’s probably a good thing I’m not supposed to eat chocolate…otherwise I would have polished them all off.  The coconut ice was supposed to be the traditional pink and white…except I was half way through making them when I realised I didn’t have any pink or red food colouring. So they’re green.  Which is interesting…  

I had four or five tables of stuff which diminished as the day went on.  My Mum made a basket full of Christmas Angels and little scented decorations for the “tree” (also made by her – painted twigs in a pot) which will now be my Christmas Tree, post-market.


We scattered my cards around and used everything we could think of to display the earrings and other jewellery.  Here’s a tip – tea boxes (the ones with sections in them) make excellent display cases for earrings on cards.  Thanks Pinterest for that idea! My new business/earring cards came this week, just in time for my last 50 or so pairs of earrings and they look great and fit perfectly in the tea box and other “holders”.  Ramekins and small teacups also worked really well (I was running out of ideas by then!)







All in all, a lovely stress-free day.  No tantrums from me, happy customers and gorgeous weather.  All the hard work paid off and I now have Christmas money and can maybe even afford to get my hair cut finally and get my car
serviced before the really hot weather starts.

Hope your weekend has been fun and rewarding, especially if you have your own crafty business.  Have a great week 🙂