Hand Made with Love (and a fair bit of swearing)

Hand Made with Love (and a fair bit of swearing)

So I’ve been trying all day to be creative and MAKE something I like, something about which I am proud to say “I made this!”
But it’s not been happening.  I’ve doodled a bit, painted a bit, fiddled around with markers and paints and ended up really just making a mess. Which is fine.  I’m ok with that.  A day spent trying new things and “playing” is always a good thing.  It would be nice to produce something you’re happy with though.

I’m a bit obsessed with the blog Elvie Studio.  Lori Vliegen’s art work is amazing.  I am inspired to create and make pretty things – water colour pages with quotes and cute designs.  But I am a long way off doing anything as good as hers.  I have been practicing my water colour technique but I am still a bit rubbish at it.  My Mum tried showing me the other day (because there is nothing artistic that she can’t do) but I am still a bit cack-handed and not quite getting things right.  But I will.  I am determined.  I just have to practice and keep at it.  I have to learn not to expect to be perfect at things straight off the bat. And I need to stop swearing so much when I fail.

I have decided to make my Art Journal more of record of my attempts and failures.  I have been hesitating putting anything in it because I don’t want to spoil the pages, but I guess even messes and mistakes have their place in a journey.

So here’s a few of my attempts from today.  I was mostly just messing about, as I said.  Just putting pen or brush to paper – even if it didn’t work out, at least I was doing something.  I won’t feel like I have wasted time if I have at least worked out what not to do.  That’s what I’m telling myself anyway.


I like this little tag.  It is simple and sweet and it worked. 


This could have been ok but I got a little heavy-handed with the paint and lost the plot.
But it’s alright and will do as a tag for a gift or card.


I don’t even know what I was doing with these leaves.  I just wanted to use up some green paint on my palette.  Again, might use it on the front of a card or make it into a tag or something.


By this stage I had just gone a bit mental, trying some abstract work and thought “I know, I will fix it by adding gold dots!”
The artistic process has no rhyme or reason (apparently).

So, a funny, wobbly-throwing, not getting things right kind of day.  But that’s ok.  I will keep trying.  I am still getting used to the idea of doing things for me.  Just because I want to make something.  Not for selling or because someone asked me to make something for them.  For me.

Hope you have had a successful, enjoyable day, doing whatever you love doing.
And if that’s just making a mess, then so be it 🙂

Noooooooooo! I’m not allowed to get sick!!!

Noooooooooo! I’m not allowed to get sick!!!

Ugh.  I think I am getting a cold.  I hardly ever get them and, when I do, I am quite pathetic.  Sniffly and moany and pathetic.  I think I hate the time they waste.  When you’re sick you can’t do anything constructive and you just want to curl up in a ball and die, loudly with lots of complaining and coughing.  Right now I feel a bit hot in the face and my throat is dry and scratchy.  I have loaded myself up with Vitamin C, Garlic and Horseradish.  I hate bought throat lozenges and will be making myself soup for dinner (capsicum with added horseradish and ginger and garlic – it is possible no one will want to come near me for a few days).  I am drinking lemon and ginger tea and am about to pour a jar of honey down my throat.  Ugh.  I think I am even more pathetic now I am on my own – not that hubby was particularly good at playing nursey but it is always better to have someone around to fetch you tissues and get you hot water bottles and look sympathetic.

However, I shall try not to give in to the lurgy.  I have one more day of my short holiday left and I do not want to waste it.  I have had a few nice days of crafting with my Mum and I don’t want to stop now that I am back home again.  Today we went to a big craft show at the show grounds and had a great time – but I will update you on that next post.  The days before were spent collaging and playing with clay at my Mum’s.  We had been wanting to make some clay ornaments and beads for some time and decided this would be the week we made a commitment to do so.  We soon learned we are lacking in sculpting skills and probably had visions of elaborate finished pieces that were way beyond our actual abilities.  Never mind, we had fun and made a mess which is the important bit 🙂

I made a few round beads that I want to paint once they are dry.  I also made some pendants (again, faces) and a brooch and a little “L.O.V.E” statue that I think is kinda cute.  They all need to be sanded a bit and/or painted and varnished.  Fun!  Time-consuming!  Messy!  But definitely fun.


Little L.O.V.E statue.  (you can’t see the word very clearly here but it is near the bottom.
Speaking of bottoms, she has one.  A butt that is!..but you can’t see that either here)


“Goddess” brooch


“Face” beads and pendant…

Now I have to unpack all my bags (I’ve been staying at Mum’s and I always overpack) and find my house under all the rubble.  I want to be ready to get up early tomorrow, possibly go for a walk if I can get motivated enough and then do a solid day’s crafting as I won’t get to do any for a while due to pesky work commitments (so inconvenient this work business!).  I also plan on eating the fudge I bought at the craft show in a moment of weakness.  I want to get back onto my healthy eating so will have to consume the fudge quickly so as not to ruin my healthy week.  That’s my story and I am sticking to it.  Fudge is good for sore throats, right?

Hope you are having a great weekend, free from lurgies and full of fun and fabulousness! 🙂

Head down, bum up…

Head down, bum up…

I have been working hard this weekend to utilise every spare minute of time to make things for my upcoming mini-market.  I did not need to waste time re-typing this bog post (I had done a full post already but it disappeared into the cyber-ether and I don’t know what happened to it) so I am cutting it short and making this more of a pictorial post.  Because I am lazy and tired. And also because I have to keep working on my crafts instead of re-typing the draft I just lost…you understand, right?

I did well this weekend and made LOTS of stuff.  I was head down, bum up until about 1am this morning and then up again fairly early to start over again.  I was having fun though, and made some really pretty bracelets (well, I think they’re pretty…) out of recycled beads and old jewellery.  What do you think?  Some of them are a bit bright for my liking but I figured other people might have different tastes to me so why not include a few gaudy things as well as the more understated pieces.  I was trying to use up beads I have had for ages, as well as some recent purchases.  I had a few odd beads that weren’t in pairs and so couldn’t be used for earrings.  This way I used up lots of them and put them together with complementing colours.  It’s nice to create something you’re happy with 🙂

Hope your weekend has been as successful as mine, even if all you succeeded in doing is having a much needed rest and not doing anything at all!
Have a wonderful Monday tomorrow 🙂