Goodbye Girls

Goodbye Girls

Hello peeps!  I’m back!  Back in my own little house after my breast reduction surgery two weeks ago.  My Mum took very good care of me and now she is staying with me for a few days just to help me get settled and sorted (ie do some of the “heavier”  housework for me because I still have to be careful, physically).  So, how was the surgery?  Honestly, I can say it was pretty non-eventful.  I went in one afternoon at noon, had the surgery at about 4:30 and was discharged the next morning at 9am.  No stress, no drama, not much pain and I’m now kicking myself that I didn’t do this a decade ago.

Seriously, I thought I would be in A LOT more pain.  I had steeled myself for excruciating agony but it was more like mild discomfort and a bit of stinging.  I didn’t even take the prescribed pain meds.  I just took regular paracetamol every few hours for the first week and then kept forgetting to even take that.  Now, I am told, I do have a very high pain threshold anyway but, honestly, it was no big deal.  Yes, it hurt, but not in some agonising, making-you-want-to-cry kind of way.  Actually, the second week was worse as I think all the nerve endings starting doing their thing and so it was tingly and raw, like being sunburned.  Also, I got a nice dose of PMS, so that always makes me swell up etc. This is way too much information for you…

There was no bleeding or oozing or horrible bruising.  After a few days I did come out in a rather fetching yellow discolouration (y’know how bruises go that weird yellowy colour?) but that was nothing exciting.  I slept well, after the first night or two when it was a bit difficult to get a good sleeping position, and really had no ill-effects at all.  Tiredness, I guess – but I suppose healing takes it out of you physically, plus getting over having an anaesthetic etc.

I have to wear a surgical bra for weeks.  All day, every day.  I have dressings that need changing every now and then but a nurse does that for me and Mum and I just add extra bits if needed (sometimes the edges curl up and you need to stick ’em back down with something!).  I’m glad Mum didn’t have to do anything too awful – she’s not good with blood and guts.  The only thing she really needed to do for me in that way was blow-dry my chest ha ha.  Yep, the dressings had to be dry before I got dressed after a shower, so I had to stand in the lounge room with Mum blow-drying my boobs!  The things we do…

So I am gingerly getting back to normal but not doing any heavy lifting or anything that requires me to stretch my arms out too far.  I am able to drive – thank the Gods! – so at least can get out of the house now.  I have a couple more weeks off work so hopefully the discomfort will improve gradually and I will be able to do more each day.  I have put on loads of weight, not doing anything and eating too much, but I am trying not to worry about that too much.  I will get back to exercising and eating better soon.

So that’s it.  Wish I had done it before and would recommend it to anyone considering it.  My surgeon was awesome and worth every penny.  The care I got at the hospital was wonderful and the aftercare has been great too.  I am looking forward to the final result once all the swelling has gone down.  I LOOK smaller – not just in that area but all over.  I feel better in myself.  I didn’t realise how much I hated my “girls” and how self-conscious I was, but even in terms of not having the weight of them pulling at my neck and back, things are so improved already.

Here’s to better things, smaller worries and a happier me.