Garden of Delights

Garden of Delights

I have nothing to say today.  My brain is all Christmas-ed out and I am incapable of speech much of the time, let alone actually writing coherently.  So here are some pretty photos of plants.  My succulents (every time I say “my succulents” it sounds like some sort of rude euphemism) are doing very well at the moment, if I do say so myself.  Well, to be honest, they are always doing well – that’s why I have them.  The death rate with succulents, even for a brown thumb like me, is relatively low and they never cease to amaze and delight me with their ever-changing colour and pretty blossoms (which always seems to spring out of nowhere and are just suddenly THERE).

I love the little “babies” that grow from the tiniest dropped leaf.  I can’t throw any part of them away – it makes me feel terrible.  So I have succulents propagating all over the place.  They make me happy.  In the absence of any pets (sigh…sad face), a few cheerful plants around the place gives me something to care for (badly) and talk to (crazily).  Plus it makes me look like I know what I am doing, in terms of gardening, when generally I am a forgetting-to-water things kind of girl.

Hope you are having a bright and happy day 🙂

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Bloomin’ cold…

Bloomin’ cold…

It is still freezing cold here.  The weather reports say there’s more frosty conditions to come and looks like even Spring will be colder than usual.  Yuck.  Today is bright and sunny with blue skies and not a cloud to be seen, but still it is double-quilt-and-blanky-weather, especially indoors.  So, as much as possible I’m going to stay outside.  That means gardening (or at least walking around thinking about gardening, then giving up and just sitting with a cup of tea looking at the flowers…) and taking stock of what lovely blossomy things are in bloom at this time of year.  I do love pansies and other annuals, geraniums and even my poor roses which continue to struggle through the cold weather and my neglect.  So, for want of something more interesting to blog about today, here is another trip through the garden (and some shots from Mum’s – I’m cheating today. I wish my garden was like hers).  I hope the blooms brighten your day.  Bring on the sun!