Quick Santa Idea (Kate’s Creative Space)

Quick Santa Idea (Kate’s Creative Space)

Happy Monday!  This afternoon I found this simple little idea for making quick Christmas cards or gift tags, bags or anything else you can think of that needs a Santa on it!  I take no credit for it whatsoever – it comes from the wonderful Kate of Kate’s Creative Space, a blog I follow closely (because it is awesome) and am always inspired by.  These little Santas are so simple to make and take only a few minutes and just a few scraps of card and paper.  I’ve made a bundle of them (what IS the collective term for a group of Santas?) whilst watching Seinfeld tonight ( I never tire of that show, no matter how many times I’ve seen the episodes).  So cute! So easy! (the Santas…not Seinfeld)  They’re just the ticket when you’ve run out of inspiration and time (which is me, most days).  Check out Kate’s amazing blog – there are so many ideas and tutorials on it, you’ll be spoilt for choice (and more than just a little bit jealous of her creative talent!).  Some people are just so clever!




Life Hack Advice

Life Hack Advice

Feeling a bit down in the dumparoo today.  Found out some upsetting news last night (news that shouldn’t upset me now that I am all independent and “moving on”and being strong and having respect for myself) but instead of sharing that with you (and boring you to tears, most likely), I will instead share a few pieces of advice from the great website Mark and Angel Hack Life.  If you haven’t visited this great little website, you should take some time and have a look today.  I’m not one for a lot of self-help kinda stuff, but their advice and sensible tips make SENSE.  I find myself going “Oh yeah…”and nodding my head and also feeling a trifle guilty when they say exactly what I am thinking or tell me what I know, deep down, I should be doing already.  It’s good to read it daily or even just sporadically when you need a guiding hand to get through the day and to remind yourself that you are actually pretty damn awesome, even if you don’t feel it right now.

Anyway, have a look and see what I mean.  It’s worth a visit.  In the meantime, here are a few choice snippets from the site, ones that I particularly relate to:

 Never apologize for being sensitive or emotional. There’s no reason to be ashamed for feeling something or acting out on it if it’s real to you. It’s a sign that you have a big heart, and that you aren’t afraid to let others know it. Showing your emotions is a sign of human strength.
The people who judge you for being human, and not being modest, emotionless, and “in line,” are the ones who need to apologize



A great relationship is about two things: First, appreciating the similarities, and second, respecting the differences. So be cordial, but don’t completely change who you are for someone else simply because it’s what THEY want, or because it’s what THEY think is best for you.  If someone expects you to be someone you’re not, take a step back. It’s wiser to lose relationships over being who you are, than to keep them intact by pretending to be someone else. It’s easier to nurse a little heartache and meet someone new, than it is to piece together your own shattered identity. It’s easier to fill an empty space in your life where somebody else used to be, than it is to fill the empty space within yourself where YOU used to be.


Stop trying to be everything to everyone. – Doing so is impossible, and trying will only burn you out. But making one person smile CAN change the world. Maybe not the whole world, but their world. So narrow your focus


Start being more polite to yourself. – If you had a friend who spoke to you in the same way that you sometimes speak to yourself, how long would you allow that person to be your friend? The way you treat yourself sets the standard for others. You must love who you are or no one else will.


Be strong enough to let go and wise enough to wait for what you deserve. Sometimes you have to get knocked down lower than you have ever been to stand up taller than you ever were before. Sometimes your eyes need to be washed by your tears so you can see the possibilities in front of you with a clearer vision again. Don’t settle.

Be good to yourselves today 🙂

Sydney and Surprises

Sydney and Surprises

Has it really been two weeks since I posted something on my blog?  Where does the time go?  What have I been doing?  Oh, that’s right, I’ve been in Sydney!

The HammondCare Risky Business 2 Dementia Conference was held in Sydney at the Hilton a week and a bit ago.  My colleague and I went with our CEO to man a stand for our organisation, attend lectures and presentations, and eat.  A lot.  Ok, so the eating part wasn’t actually an official requirement of the trip but we made sure we did plenty of it anyway 🙂  The conference was very well catered, let’s just say.  It was a bit torturous actually.  Cake and biscuits and FOOD everywhere.  At every break.  And it was gorgeous food too – not just the usual old packet of Family Assorted biscuits and coffee in polystyrene cups, oh no.  We are talking miniature lemon meringue tarts and macarons, turkish delight squares and little tiny cups made out of chocolate filled with pistachio mousse.  Drool.  I tried to be good, but it was hard.  The lunch service was a huge buffet affair with hot and cold dishes of extremely high quality.  People pigged out.


But we weren’t there to eat.  Not officially, as I said, anyway.  We were there to promote the Alzheimer’s Disease International Conference which is being held here in Perth next year, as well as promoting a new communication app our organisation currently has in production (and will be launched at the conference next year).  We talked to carers and family members of people with dementia, we handed out brochures by the score and information on services and education.  We answered questions and gave advice.  We attended lectures on the various aspects of dementia and dementia care.  It was hectic and full-on but we enjoyed it and learnt a lot.

The Hilton was a lovely hotel to stay at (and certainly not something I would ordinarily be able to afford!) and the buffet breakfasts were…oh, I am talking about food again… Well, they were yummy and vast and just so decadent when you are used to your bowl of Cheerios in the morning.  I had a very nice room (with a TV in the shower!  I watched MasterChef while washing my hair – awesome!) with a great view of the city.


I sat in my window (they had window seats!) and looked out at the city and watched people in the high-rise buildings next door.  I snuggled up in the complimentary bath robe, with my complimentary slippers and relaxed on the king size bed.  SO nice!  Not something I get to do very often (or ever!).  I was in charge of looking after our robotic seal Paro and he stayed with me in my room as he is very expensive and we couldn’t just leave him at our stand overnight.  Paro is a therapy pet for people with dementia.  Everybody loves him and he is a big drawcard when we’re at a public event.  People can’t resist a baby seal (even a robotic one!).


Though the days were very busy, we did get our evenings free.  One night my co-worker and I visited The Rocks where we had a nice stroll around and got to see the Sydney Opera House and the Harbour Bridge.  Both very beautiful all lit up at night.  Wish we had had time to go and actually see them up close and made even climb the Bridge, but we made do with taking a few touristy snaps while we walked around and chose somewhere for dinner.  It is a very busy area of Sydney and there were lots of people about as well as boats and ferries.




We chose a charming little cafe/pizzeria by the water, The EastBank Cafe.  Though we were outside and near the water, it wasn’t too cold and the cafe had plenty of heaters to keep away the chill.  I ordered a yummy roast beetroot and feta salad and my colleague got a gourmet pizza.  Such delicious food (again!).  In fact I don’t think we had a single bad meal the whole time we were there.  I also had a virgin raspberry mint mojito (very nice!) and we treated ourselves to an ice-cream on the walk back home.  A really nice evening and I’m glad we at least got to see a little bit of Sydney, even if it was at night.


I managed the flights to and from Sydney really well.  I don’t know what I was worried about.  I didn’t get anxious at all and almost enjoyed the trips.  The flight back to Perth is always longer (due to headwinds etc) so that was a little less comfortable but still ok.  The food on the plane was not very good (is plane food ever good?) but as long as they keep the cups of tea coming, I didn’t care!  I don’t understand why it is so hard to make decent vegetarian food for the airlines though.  I mean, they served me Nasi Goreng for breakfast!  Anyway, first world problems…

When I got home I had a nice surprise waiting for me : an awesome box of beading goodies from my far-away-friend Dianne in the U.S.  She had packaged up a bunch of beads and beading supplies, as well as glitters and ring blanks.  So cool!  I was so happy!  It was such a great surprise.  Gotta think of something to get her in return now (so watch out Dianne!)… Dianne’s blog has lots of great crafty ideas, recipes and interesting stuff to look at.  She puts me to shame with her regular posts and great content.



So it’s back to a “normal” life again.  I’ve still got my suitcase sitting there, half-unpacked, and my notes and other conference bits and pieces to sort out.  You will be pleased to know that I have actually cleaned and tidied my house so it is fit for human habitation (it was getting a bit dire).  I just haven’t had time to spend a decent few hours getting it done, but I feel so much better now that things are tidy and clutter-free.  Well, at least in the front rooms…the back rooms are another story (I mean, I had to put all the junk somewhere, right?).  I have had a friend staying with me while she sorts out some marriage issues and I think having someone else here really gave me the motivation I needed to tidy up.

The weather is stormy and grim today and I would rather stay indoors and stay warm and dry, but I am heading out to a friend’s place for an afternoon of Tarantino films, friends and food (God, food is such a theme with me!).  I’m making Vietnamese Rice Paper Rolls as they are easy and fairly low in fat etc.  I’ve started back on Weight Watchers again so I need to be good and not pig out.  What I would really like is a bowl full of cookies and maybe some ice-cream.  But that ain’t gonna happen!

Hope your week ahead is a happy one 🙂

Blogs to Love

Blogs to Love

In my last post I vowed to fulfil my duty as a nominated “Inspiring Blogger” and nominate 15 other bloggers for the same award.  I have said before that I am not much of a ‘net-surfer.  I don’t sit for hours in front of the computer looking at blogs and Pinterest and all the other wonderful things on the internet.  I don’t have time and I have issues with my neck and back so I’m more of a sit-down-and-do-what-I-have-to-and-get-out kind of person.  I stare at a computer screen for most of my day at work so I don’t really want to do it when I get home, so I limit my time doing it at all after work.  That’s not to say I haven’t discovered lots and lots of lovely blogs.  I have.  So here’s a few that I feel inspired by or cheered by or made jealous by.  There’s a couple that just make me laugh.  I’ve included video bloggers too – not sure if that’s allowed but I figure in this day and age, everybody is welcome.

The Feathered Nest   Oh such pretty, pretty things!  And you know I love anything with birds or speckled eggs…

Eat Drink Chic  More pretty things and foody things and things I want to make.  There’s some lovely wooden bunting on here I want to steal the idea from…

A Story Of    I recently attended a mini-market with some friends and A Story Of had lots of lovely things on display.  I was supposed to blog about it but my camera didn’t perform very well and the pictures were no good.  And I’m lazy.  So apologies to Candice whom I talked to on the night and promised to “spread the word” about her gorgeous goodies.  I am a bad blogger *slaps wrist*.  I can make up for it now.  Go to the website and check out all the cool stuff Candice makes including hand-painted creatures (owls, deer, bunnies) on vintage china, embroidery and jewellery.  I did get one photo that night that turned out ok.  Look at these adorable mittens!


Someone else snapped these up before I could get my butt into gear and nab them for myself.  Candice also promotes and supports Fair Trade organisations and other worthy causes so you should definitely stop by her blog and learn all about her and her work with women in places like Thailand and India, helping them to build lives for themselves.  I’m not explaining it very well so you should just visit her website already!  She’s doing good work 🙂

Something Special   I have been buying perfumes from Something Special for years.  They are just so yummy smelling and I always get compliments on what I am wearing.  My favourite one is “Butt Naked” which is a dreadful name but smells deeeee-lightful.  I wear it all the time.  The products are not tested on animals which is a huge selling point for me – it is so hard to get cosmetics or perfumes that are cruelty free these days.  But I don’t want to be stinky.  So I buy these perfumes.  They have literally a bazillion different scents and you can buy teeny little sample bottles to try them first.  Two thumbs up.

 Grav3yard Girl    Bunny makes me laugh.  A lot.  Plus she goes thrift shopping all the time (my favourite thing to do when I’m not crafting) and she just has a unique outlook on life.  She’s a bit crazy but heck, who isn’t?  Check her out.

Kate’s Creative Space  Lovely, lovely things and inspiring ideas!

Lia Griffith  Printables and more

Tilda’s World  If you don’t know about Tilda Finnanger, where have you been?  Her fabrics and papers and STUFF are just gorgeous.  My Mum is in love her with I think.

La Belle Brocante  I think I may have mentioned this one before…so I’m cheating and adding it to this list because I can’t find where I linked to it before!  Lovely stuff on here…

CreartfulDodger  Every time I visit this blog I want to curl up inside it and stay forever.  Just wonderfully inspiring collages and vintage-inspired artwork and mixed media pieces.  Love, love, love!

There, how many is that?  I think I failed the “Nominate Fifteen Bloggers” bit of the rules.  Oh well.  I hope you do have a look at some of these blogs, websites and vlogs and feel inspired.  Or that they just make you smile or laugh or whatever.  It’s all good.

Now it’s freezing cold and I need tea and I should get in my PJs (I’ve just come home from my evening walk and it’s nearly 7pm and I’m still dressed!  What?!!).  Hope you’ve all had a good day – mine was hectic and busy with lots of little jobs to get finished and horrible traffic to wade through.  Time for dinner and some catchin’ up with the hubby.  Have a great evening 🙂



I am always amazed that I have any followers – especially with the hit-and-miss style of posting I use (or, rather, don’t use, at the moment as I am finding it difficult to find the time to post anything).  At the moment I have 103 followers for which I am very grateful (so, thank you to all of you) and hope that I can sustain that number and perhaps even increase it.  This week I have been lucky enough to be nominated for two blogging awards : The Liebster Award from Poppy of Poppy’s Patisserie/Bunny Kitchen & The Versatile Blogger Award from Wilma of Perpetual Art and Craft.  Thank you to both ladies for nominating me – check out their blogs at the links provided 🙂

Both awards come with some rules attached.  I’m going to try hard to follow them and do as instructed.  So, for the Leibster Award (which I believe is for blogs with less than 200 followers), the rules are as follows:

The Rules:
• Post 11 random facts about yourself.
• Answer the 11 questions made by the person who nominated you.
• Create 11 questions for the bloggers you pass the award to.
• Choose 11 bloggers to pass the award to and mention them in your post.
• Go to their blogs and let them know that they have been nominated
• No tag backs.

So here goes…

11 Random Facts About Me

  1. I love stationery.  Notebooks, paper, files, index cards, diaries…all that stuff.  Heaven!
  2. I love animals.  Over the course of my life I’ve had dogs, cats, bats, geese, chickens, swallows, doves, magpies, parrots, ducks, quail, sheep, turkeys, guinea pigs, rabbits and kangaroos.  Oh and fish.  And mice.  A couple of lizards. Other people’s horses and donkeys.  At the moment I have no animals in my house and that makes me sad.  Stupid rental rules.
  3. Blue is my favourite colour.
  4. I have little feet.
  5. I cry when people sing, in harmony, together. I just find it makes me overwhelmed and emotional.
  6. When I was four, I thought Olivia Newton John were two people – Olivia Newt & John.  I got confused because John Travolta’s name was, er, John.  Easy mistake to make.
  7. I have dabbled in witchcraft.  But only for good reasons.
  8. I don’t know what I want to be when I grow up.
  9. My cousin and I share a weird & spooky psychic connection.  
  10. My favourite song ever is Don MacLean’s “American Pie”.
  11. I am an insomniac.

Now to answer the questions set by Poppy;


What’s your favourite cookbook?  I have one by Alison Holst, that I use quite a lot – “The Best of Home Cooking”.  I love cookbooks in general though…I have lots!

What is the worst kitchen disaster you’ve ever had?  Hmmm, I don’t know that I’ve ever had a major disaster… One year Mum and I forgot to cook our Christmas dinner – we served up food for everybody else and forgot to cook our own (vegetarian) meal!

If you could become a non-human animal, what would you choose to be and why?  Probably a bird.  Can I say a bird? Not really an animal though…maybe a cat if not a bird.  A well looked after cat that is spoilt and lives a happy life.

What dish do you make most often?  I would have said Brownies before but I don’t make them as often now that I can’t eat chocolate.  Salad – I eat a lot of salad!

If you had to emigrate to a country of your choice, where would it be?  England or Canada.  Although both places are too cold for me!  I

If you wrote a book, what would it be about?  Probably a crafty book (if non-fiction) or a urban-fairytale kind of book.  I love Alice Hoffman and Charles De Lint…

What’s the weirdest thing you ever ate?  Can’t think of anything for that one.

Where’s the weirdest place you ever went?  Nashville was a bit kooky.  Maybe it’s the humidity, I’m not sure.

Do you have an embarrassing/cheesey nickname?  My hubby used to call me Peanut.

What’s your favourite website?  I’m not much of a web surfer…there’s lots of lovely sites to look at but I don’t really have favourites.

What is your favourite charity?  I try to help out the animal ones as much as I can – WSPA, RSPCA, IFAW, Save the Bears etc.  I also support World Vision and The Red Cross.

Wow, they were really boring answers!  I hope you’re still awake!  I now have to ask eleven questions for my nominated bloggers:

  1. If you could have any super power, what would it be?
  2. What’s the longest amount of time you’ve kept and worn an item of clothing?
  3. What’s your favourite era?
  4. What were you good at in school?
  5. Where do you want to be in 10 year’s time?
  6. Where were you 10 year’s ago?
  7. Cheese or chocolate?
  8. If you were a flower, which kind would you be?
  9. What’s your all-time favourite book?
  10. Sneakers or heels?
  11. What would your friends say is your most-annoying habit?

Ok, so on to my nominated bloggers/blogs:

  1. This Rosy Life
  2. Sugar & Cloth
  3. Kate’s Creative Space
  4. California Pixie
  5. Winter Owls
  6. The Handmade Card Blog
  7. Gone Pickin’
  8. Crow’s Feet Chic
  9. The Cranky Queen
  10. Blacklilypie
  11. The Clever Bunny

I will commence “following the rules” of the Versatile Blogger Award in an upcoming post.  I don’t want to overwhelm you with questions and answers and blog-links and whatnot today.  Plus, I am lazy. That’s the main reason.

Hope you are all having a lovely Saturday in whatever little part of the world you call home.  Thank you again to all my followers and my fellow bloggers Poppy & Wilma for nominating me.  Much appreciated 🙂  I’m off to Roller Derby in a moment – not to participate, of course (I have enough trouble walking without falling down, let alone on skates) but to watch and cheer on the gals in their hotpants (brave in this weather) and to pine over and lust after the hot chips everyone walks around eating in front of me.  🙂

Treasured Craft Creations

Treasured Craft Creations

Ah, weekend…is there any sweeter word?  Well, it’s a sweet word now that I don’t have to work on weekends!  Even sweeter when it’s combined with “Craft” and “Show”.  This particular weekend was host to the “Treasured Craft Creations” 3-in–1 market at the Claremont Show Grounds.  It is held several times a year and combines art’n’craft, vintage and antiques & collectables all under the one roof.  You could easily spend a whole day if you were to check out everything on display and go to each different section.  Mum and I (being seasoned TTC regulars) were only interested in the craft area this time so spent just a few (happy) hours wandering around the stalls and buying a few supplies and gifts.  We know which stalls we want to look at and which ones we don’t have a need for (there’s only so many times you can see crocheted peg holders or ironing board covers) but, this time, there were a few new stalls to check out which was a nice change and warranted further inspection and the taking home of business cards and flyers.

Anyway, here’s a selection of goodies on display…

Lots and lots of lavender – pretty purple everywhere! (I don’t remember seeing the
lavender sherbet lollies at the time otherwise I would have bought some!




Pretty gypsy-inspired jewellery, bags and scarves…


Love, love, loved this stall (Clay & Clasp) by local artist Lucy.  Such pretty pastel colours and cute designs.  I was so busy trying to get a photo,
I didn’t actually stop and buy something.  But I’m going to the website to see what takes my fancy.  Love the macaroon necklaces – how cute are they?
(sorry, photo is a bit blurry…hard to take a decent pic in jostling crowds!)



Lots of lovely soaps – handmade with glorious scents…


Cool little wooden plaques – like the colour scheme…beachy!


Adorable bunny pendant – also had dogs, cats, koalas etc.  Super cute!


Fabric and more fabric in every conceivable colour and pattern…


Plenty of jewellery for all styles and budgets… (I always look at jewellery for its components…can I make
something else with these beads/charms etc?)


We had a quick look at all the vintage clothes but we were really in more of a crafty mood so we moved on after a short while…


Candles everywhere!  Lots of lovely soy-based ones with beautiful fragrances and colours (although I must admit I like the plain cream ones best).
Mum picked up a few 
tea lights for her oil burner and little candle holders.


Loved these little owl pictures – isn’t he sweet, all sequinned and fluffy?


Something to jazz up your plant pots – Flower Pot Fillies!


I really must get into the cabochon trend – really like the jewellery and hair clips people are making…


This was one of the new stalls – “With Love by Bec” – great stuff, very reasonably priced and such pretty things! Lots of stripes
and polka dots and bunting (three of my favourite things!).  I really wanted the polka dot satchel…I ummed and aahed about it too long and
when I went back it was gone 😦




Gorgeous glass beads and steampunk jewellery…



Quirky-but-beautiful pottery.  Loved these indigo-hued bowls and dishes. Some of them had little feet and wings!


I have to admit my ultimate aim at these craft shows is to stock up on card blanks.  Boring I know but necessary.
P & K Craft Supplies always have awesome-quality blanks and I tend to come out with a big bagful of stuff…
I think the owner might think I am stalking him – he sees me at EVERY craft show he does.


So, what did I buy?  Well…I was reasonably restrained and just got things I knew I would use….

Lots of cards and envelopes, some bookmarks and some glitter
(and some teeny little price tags for when I’m selling my jewellery etc)


Some beautiful lace – Mum and I went halves on a 12 metre bundle – only $5.00!


An awesome “seconds” bag of Twiddlybitz pieces.  All this for $5.00!  Most of it was in perfect condition and the bits
that weren’t were so minimally damaged it was barely even visible.  Bargain!


So that was just a selection of the fine things on display.  My camera died very early on in proceedings so I couldn’t get as many pictures as I would have liked.  I did get fudge though and THAT is important!  Now I have a day at home to spend making cards and maybe tidying up a little bit (ha! unlikely!).  Then it’s back to work tomorrow…boo…but work equals pay packet and pay packet equals craft supplies so, y’know, it’s a necessity…  Happy crafting everyone – hope your weekend has been fun 🙂

Leibster Blog Award

Leibster Blog Award

I’m very lucky to have been nominated for the Leibster Blog Award by Shitij Bagga of Confessions of a Disquisitive Writer and geekybooksnob of (strangely enough) The Geeky Book Snob .  Nice!  The award is for bloggers who have less than 200 followers (which is certainly me!) and there are a few “rules” if one is to accept the award.  I must admit, I received the first nomination some time ago and have been a bit slack about doing anything about it.  So here goes…

The rules seem to differ slightly from blog to blog but the main ones are :

1) Thank the person who nominated you 
2) Answer the 11 questions they have asked of you.
3) Nominate 11 bloggers for the same award.

So, firstly, thank you to my “nominators” mentioned above.  It’s nice to be read, thank you!

Secondly, answering 11 questions about myself:

Q1. What is your favourite book of all time?

Hmmm, too hard to answer and we don’t have all night.  If you want a long answer go to this entry where I’ve talked about my fave books before (yes, I know I’m cheating!).

Q2. Which is your favourite post from your own blog till date and why?

Ummm, gosh.  I think I’m still learning and trying to write anything so I’m not hugely impressed with any of my posts.  But I’m getting there.  I quite liked Ten Random Things and Dumb Things  though.

Q3. You’re meeting your girlfriend/boyfriend’s parents for the first time. What do you say or do to break the ice?

I just try really hard not to break stuff.

Q4. You are 100% free from work and other shackles for today. How would you like to spend your day? (in couple of sentences at most)

Reading.  Crafting.  And if “shackles” also includes a non-beach-ready body, I would also like to spend some time at the beach.

Q5. Have you ever read a book that challenged your intellect? Which one and how was it challenging?

Edward de Bono’s “Six Thinking Hats”.  It hurt my brain.  Also, Alain de Botton’s “Religion for Atheists”.  It hurt my brain too.  But it made me remember why I’m not a church goer.

Q6. Mention one of your obsessive compulsive habits that you’ve ever had. (like climbing stairs two steps at a time.. come on, everybody HAS something)

Where do I start?  I have quite a few little secret OCD things I do.  I have to have the tags on towels facing away from me when I hang them up.  Also, I need to count things 4 times.  I have to have pegs matching when I hang out the laundry.  That’s weird, isn’t it?

Q7. One thing that you have always been really good at.

Spelling (please don’t go and find any mistakes in here – that would be devastating).  Also, gift-giving.  I give awesome gifts!

Q8. One thing that you have always been really bad at.

Phew, that would be a l-o-o-o-o-o-o-n-g list.  Anything where I have to do it in front of other people ie dancing, public speaking.  Also, sport.  Of any kind.

Q9. What did you want to become when you were little and what have you become? Is it the same?

I wanted to be a writer or a singer.  I can’t sing so I may have to stick to writing.  And that ain’t going so well either so I may have to come up with someone else altogether.  I also wanted to be a fairy or a “good” witch so there’s that as a back-up plan.

Q10. One thing that you would love to procrastinate forever, if it was so possible.

Hmmmm, I might have to get back to you on that one….

Q11. Favourite age at which you could go back and live it again.

Four.  Four was a cool age.  1978 was a pretty good year.  I wore flares.  I had a womble t-shirt.  I was kicking butt in the finger-painting stakes at kindy.  Also, I could run around in just my underpants and no one cared.

So now I have to nominate 11 bloggers for this award…(it might be less than 11 because I’m tired and want to get this finished…again, cheating):

….Ok, on second thoughts maybe I can’t do this bit.  Maybe I have to decline the generous nominations.  It’s just that all the bloggers I really like have more than 200 followers.  They generally have, like, a million.  Can I come back to this bit?  I hope so.  I will, I promise…it’s just that I don’t want to nominate people just for the sake of it…that seems disingenuous so can I just nominate ones I like, regardless of number of followers?  Cool beans.  Here goes :

Happy People Happy Homes

Polly’s Paper Studio

Ideas for a Writer

Speckled Egg

52 Flea

Vintage Wanna Bee

Thrift Shopper for Peace

Treasures from the Heart

Crow’s Feet Chic

Words and Herbs

Oh Joy!

So there you are.  I didn’t really complete all the criteria properly but as the Leibster Award is for newbies, I hope I’ll be let off.  Thanks again to those that were kind enough to nominate me.  Check out some of the blogs I’ve listed and share the bloggy love…