Restyled Drawers

Hello everyone.  I have not posted for some time and, I must be honest, have thought about discontinuing my blog altogether.  I’m just not “feelin’ it” y’know?  But I will hang on to it for now and think about what I can do to make it better.

The last couple of months have been very busy and I’ve had a nasty bout of bronchitis which left me with a horrible sprained rib and zero energy.  The fortnight preceding that I had been very busy, redecorating my house and organising my stuff so that my living space looked somewhat more livable (and like a grown up lives there).  I was doing so well and getting HEAPS done and then I got sick and everything went to Hell.

One thing I managed to finish and be reasonably happy with was my little bedside drawers.  Old, daggy, chipped and a bit grotty, the drawers were purchased a million years ago at a garage sale for $25.  They’ve done their job and travelled from house to house with me and so there was really no reason to get rid of them, other than I felt like a change.  At first, I thought I would just give them a fresh coat of white paint and that would do.  Then I thought I would paint the individual drawers different colours, or maybe in an ombre style, and put new drawer pulls on.

In the end, I went for a rather dramatic glossy black (not my usual style at all) and covered the fronts of the drawers in a peacock feather pattered paper, before varnishing the whole thing in a satin finish spray varnish.  I re-coated the drawer pulls in gold paint (they were a bit chipped and cruddy looking) and, overall, I am pleased with the result.  The darker colour goes well with my newly painted bedroom wall (Dulux Ocean Trapeze) and has helped me to figure out what direction I’m going in, decorating-wise.  I don’t normally do dark colours and definitely don’t do gold but I feel that this combination looks good and gives the whole room an opulent feel.

I’ve still got heaps to do.  There are pictures to be hung and window treatments to be bought and eventually I want to replace the revolting carpet.  But these things take time and money and I am a bit short on both.

But, this little project was simple to do, very effective and didn’t take any special skills.  Which is basically the perfect project for me!  I am nothing if not lazy.

I will update as I go along.  Hopefully I won’t stall for too long and will get stuck back in to changing things and finishing the rooms and then starting on other areas.

Thank you for stopping in.  Sorry for tardy blog-posting 🙂


2 thoughts on “Restyled Drawers

  1. I love the drawers and the wall color birh. Is it an accent wall or full room? It’s gorgeous!

    I’ve been thinking of stopping blogging then realize I don’t have to stop because I’m not going. What I should be thinking is if I’m ever going to start again.

    I love your blog and don’t mind the time between posts. Especially since having a sprained rib via bronchitis is much more of a good reason than just not getting around to it. Hope you are feeling better.

    Love, Dianne

    On Wed, Sep 12, 2018, 1:32 AM The Paper Wallflower wrote:

    > violetannie63 posted: “Hello everyone. I have not posted for some time > and, I must be honest, have thought about discontinuing my blog > altogether. I’m just not “feelin’ it” y’know? But I will hang on to it > for now and think about what I can do to make it better. The last cou” >

    1. Thanks Dianne 🙂 The blue wall is just a feature wall – it’s a bit dark to have a whole room of it. Glad you like the colour – I was very happy with it myself. As for blogging…it just gets put to one side and forgotten about, especially when I haven’t been up to much or getting any crafting done. But thank you for your support as always 🙂

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