Christmas Baubles/Lights Card

Hello everyone.  How are your Christmas preparations going? (if you celebrate Christmas, that is).  Are you all decked out in your home, finding bits of tinsel everywhere and wondering how you’re going to wrap that bike/basketball/weird-shaped gift?  Or is your home free of all things festive?  However you roll, I hope the silly season doesn’t put too much pressure on you.

My home currently looks like twelve people live there, instead of just one or two.  I have crafting stuff EVERYWHERE.  Seriously, every inch of my house is covered.  I even started using the kitchen bench last night because it was the only surface that was actually clear enough for me to work on.

I working hard on getting all my Christmas cards made.  I have sent my overseas ones – so they are out of the way and might actually be received before Christmas.  I had made quite a few of the Reindeer cards (so my post HERE) but wanted to move on to something else.  So, I went with this bauble/lights design.  You can see it pretty much everywhere on the internet – from Pinterest to Facebook, everyone is having a go at this simple-to-do card.  It’s a good one for the kids to try and is relatively quick to complete, with minimal supplies and fuss.  And no cutting out, which is a bonus when you are feeling lazy.


All you need to do is draw a squiggly line across your card front – do a few loops and tangles to add interest, and then dab blobs of different coloured paint (I used acrylics) alongside to represent baubles (or lights – I can’t figure out which of these two they are…).  You can use your finger to dot the paint on or, if you want to be a bit neater, use the end of a pencil (the eraser works really well) for smaller, more uniform “blobs”.  Most people seem to leave it at that, but I roughly outlined the baubles as well – it just looked better to me.  Then you can write or stamp the sentiment of your choice on the card to finish.  Super easy and quick!  Very effective and doesn’t require any great artistic talent 🙂


What do you think?  I was really pleased with them and I made about 15 or so in very little time.  They’re a bit addictive actually.  It’s probably due to the finger-painting style of it.  Gettin’ messy is always fun!

Thanks for reading 🙂

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