A funny little card today.  I was playing around with some animal biology pictures and really liked the shape of the hippo.  Who doesn’t love a hippo!?  Sure, they’re chubby and grumpy and have kinda bad teeth but, all things considered, they’re pretty neat critters.  Top them off with a free-loading bird and you’ve got a quirky design and a card that you can pretty much guarantee no one else will have!

Made a big decision to go back on my anti-depressants this week.  Really didn’t want to, but I have to be sensible and take my own advice about looking after yourself.  I always tell everyone else to stay on their meds if they need them to function, and I was being hypocritical thinking I could manage without them.  Crying every day, sleeping all the time, feeling crummy and anxious and sad and generally getting very low is NOT managing.  Plus I have been worrying my Mum and I hate doing that – she deserves to have a worry-free life.  So I went to my GP and got a new prescription and will be a good girl and stay on them now.  Possibly for good – we’ll see how I go.  There’s so much stress in my life at the moment, now is not the time to be a martyr to my brain’s chemistry. There’s no prize for being miserable when you don’t need to be.

So, onwards and upwards.  Or, at least, less downward spiralling.

Hope you are feeling ok today – look after yourselves x


10 thoughts on “Hippo-Critical

  1. I love your cards, they always make me smile. I hope you feel better soon. I work in a GP surgery and come across so many people in the same situation, trying not to take the meds for various different reasons and really finding it hard. Sometimes they end up more unwell as a result, which is quite heart-breaking to see. Depression is an illness, and drugs were invented to help. Nobody should feel bad, or be made to feel bad for needing their meds.

    1. Thank you 🙂 I am feeling better and will try and be sensible and stay on my medication which is, in reality, a very small dose and nothing that impacts my life in any way other than to keep me on a somewhat even keel. Don’t know why I had to make a fuss about taking it…guess we all like to think we are stronger than we actually are. But of course “being strong” means taking responsibility and accepting your limitations, especially the ones you have no control over. Glad you liked the card 🙂

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