Hi everyone 🙂  I’m back after a week’s holiday from work and life.  I went to the coast with my Mum for a few days and soaked up some sun and ocean air (more on that later).  I had one day left on my holidays – Sunday – and was determined to try and make some cards or SOMETHING.  I feel a bit deprived and useless if I haven’t done something crafty at least once a week.  I’d like it to be every day, and I am trying to do that, but it’s difficult when you have to go to pesky old work, and deal with life and stress and other stuff.

So, this is one of the cards I made.  I struggled with its composition for far longer than I should have done and, in the end, am not wholly satisfied with it.  But it will have to do.  I have made these “eggy” designs before – not sure why they appeal to me, but they do.  I am always searching for bliss, in life and even in creative terms.  I am yet to figure out exactly what it looks like, but I will get there eventually (I hope) or at least endeavour to enjoy the journey towards it.

That sounded way too deep for a Monday afternoon.

Hope you are having a bliss-filled day, or are in the process of striving in its general direction.


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