A quickie post to show you a little collage my Mum has just finished.  It’s gorgeous – very Kelly Rae Roberts-inspired (we love her).  I’m so jealous that Mum can do eyes and faces – try as I might, I CANNOT GET THEM RIGHT.  I’m glad she is working on some things for herself (she normally paints and sews items that always end up being for someone else) and just enjoying the process of creating again.  I’m hoping she starts to finally get some things, that she has made, on her walls (at the moment they’re kinda blank, waiting for just the right painting or artwork) so she can fill her home with beautiful things to be proud of and treasured.

She’s working on some collaged wooden eggs now as well as some other canvases.

Love this piece – it does indeed bring me Joy to see my Mum happy and making art again, just for her and no one else  🙂


2 thoughts on “Joy

    1. Thank you – I’m just glad Mum is getting back into creating. She needed to start with something simple and achievable like this one (having another artist’s work in your head to get you motivated). She’s already made several more painitings/collages in the days following this one. I like to see her house creatively messy (like mine) – she’s been away from the paintbrush too long!

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