Fringe Benefits

So I got my hair cut today.  Bravely, I might add, because I hate going to the hairdresser.  I never know what to ask for, and having to sit and look at myself for an hour is not fun for me.  But I knew I needed to get at least the ends cut today because they were getting a bit ratty.  I decided to also get a fringe.  I took some pictures of Alexa Chung with me because I like her hair.  Do I now look like a 20-something super model?  No, sadly not.  But I think I like it anyway.  Just gotta work out how to style it myself (this is not my forte) and get used to having hair in my face again.

The hairdresser blow-dried it kinda funny at the bottom so it is doing a weird,curly, kinky thing, but it will settle I guess (and then it will go back to just being my normal, boofy, uncontrollable hair).  Anyway, it’s done now – can’t glue it back on.  It’s a fresh look for my birthday next week anyway.  I didn’t want to turn another year older with the same hair I’ve had for nearly 10 years.  And I am trying to be braver this year.  Even small little changes are scary to me, so getting my hair cut is actually a fairly big step (dumb, I know). Because I never trust my own judgement about anything.  But hair grows back, right?  So it’s less scary than, say, getting a tattoo or moving to another country.

It is going to be VERY hot this week and so getting a fringe was probably not the best idea but, let’s be honest, good ideas are not really my thing.  I can always pin it back or wear a hair band or something.  Or shave it – there’s always that option 🙂

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