Little Maids all in a Row

Little Maids all in a Row

Finally a crafting day!  I have been hanging out to do something crafty for the last few weeks, but was trying to get my house tidy and sorted, plus I had the dreaded rent inspection, so getting all my supplies out was not conducive of that happening.

But, today I got stuck back in, albeit gently and slowly with not much achieved.  Also, annoyingly, I slept in, so I reduced my actual productive time by a few hours.  Whoopsie.  I am having issues with my sleeping patterns right now, so sleeping in is a common occurence, unfortunately.  It wastes so much time, but I just cannot get up in the mornings when I haven’t slept well.

Anyway, I managed to make three cards today (well, four actually, but the last one was rubbish so I’m not showing you, ha ha).  My inspiration was a birthday card my Mum made for me a year or so ago.  It is a simple little design but very effective and cute, plus I have been looking for a different style to try out.  These ones were a perfect detour from my usual style. This is her card here :


So, I made a template from a scrap piece of card, traced it and cut and folded a few cards to use as bases.  Then I added different papers, ribbon, lace, buttons and embellishments, trying not to be too fussy or take too long on any one card (I’m trying, I’m trying…).  And here are the results :




What do you think?  I was quite pleased with them, especially the last one for some reason (probably because it’s blue and has birds on it…).  It has been a stressful, worrying week and I was very happy to just switch off and be creative and not think.  Thinking is bad.  Thinking leads to more thinking which, in my case, leads to less sleeping and more bad moods and ill-health. These cards gave me a few hours of zoning out, which I desperately needed.

Hope you have had a wonderful, switched off (or on, if that is your preference!) weekend and managed to get some creativity in.

Thanks for popping by x

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