Don’t sweat the small stuff…rant about it in your blog instead

Don’t sweat the small stuff…rant about it in your blog instead

I promised myself this year I was going to blog more often.  I have so far failed at that and we are almost at the end of 2015. Which is a bit sad.  However, I have been busy (excuse # 1), I have been tired (excuse # 2), and, frankly, I had other things to do.  I do mean to write more often, honestly I do, but, well, y’know, stuff happens.  I also wanted to blog more about crafty/creative stuff and less about ME and my feelings (blechh) but I have failed there too.  So I apologise.  Because I’m going to write about me again, in lieu of having anything crafty/arty/creative to write about.

Last week at work was a bit nightmarish.  I have never face-palmed so much in my life.  I spent most of the week with my head in my hands, a permanent frown on my face and a severe case of the grumps.  I threatened to throw a computer at my boss.  He laughed it off (thankfully) but I don’t think he realised how close he came to having a large computer-shaped dent in his forehead.

I saw a suggestion for a post on another site that said to write about little things that annoy you.  I could write a book on that subject.  But I won’t.  I’ll just do a blog post instead.  Because it’s past 10.30pm and I should be in bed if I want any chance of getting up in the morning.  Because it takes me two hours to get to sleep and so I end up having about 4 hours sleep if I am lucky.  Which is why I always look delightfully pale and pasty in the mornings.

But I am digressing (boy, I could write a whole post on THAT!)…

Silly Little Things  & Some Big Things That Annoy Me

1. People who can’t merge.  I think it’s a Perth thing.  No one can merge or use a roundabout correctly.  I don’t know how these people pass their driver’s test.  Same goes for non-indicators, tail-gaters and people who push past you in traffic, only to wind up right next to you at the next set of lights.  And people who chuck rubbish out of the car window.  Ugh.

2. Girls who wear micro minis and then spend all of their time yanking their skirt down.  If it needs more than three yanks in a 10 second period, I say buy some jeans instead and cover yourself up.

3. Adverts in cinemas.  I know advertising pays for everything these days and everyone wants to get their “message” out there but I think there should be a limit to what ads we have to put up with before I movie.  I for one do not suddenly need to know about optometrists, lawyers or roofing experts just before I’m about to watch Bruce Willis do something heroic in a singlet.  I just don’t.  Also, why are there SO MANY adverts?  There used to be a couple of Coke ones, maybe a community service announcement and a message about the Candy Bar being open.  Now you’ve got sixteen commercials in between each movie trailer so, by the time your movie actually starts, you’ve forgotten what you came to see and your parking ticket has run out.  Annoying.

4. Men who scratch themselves in public.  I don’t get it.  It’s gross and annoying.  Stop it.  And while we’re at it, guys who sit with their legs so far apart you could park a small bus in there.
Your junk is not that impressive, give everyone else some space.

5. People who walk their dogs in the middle of the day when it is a bazillion degrees outside.  It’s cruel and you are horrible, horrible people.  How would you like to walk four miles with bare feet on scalding hot concrete?  With nothing to drink?  And don’t even get me started on people who RIDE THEIR BIKE while the dog just about kills itself running alongside them.

6. People who say “Books are boring…” I can’t understand this way of thinking.  Sure, some books are boring, but all of them?  I don’t think so.  Plus, nobody has read every single book in the world in order to make such a bold statement.  Basically, when I person says “Books are boring…”, what they are really saying is “I am an idiot and not able to follow a story, or a sentence.  I would rather watch a movie with my brain switched off.”   It just annoys me.

7. People who have conspiracy theories about EVERYTHING.  They make life very tiresome.  I had a friend who used to say the carrots in supermarkets were washed in kerosene and that her 90-year-old neighbour was tapping her telephone.  It drove me a bit batty.  She also thought EVERYONE had ulterior motives for EVERYTHING.  No one could do anything without having a dastardly plan behind it.  It made me very nervous about giving her a gift, lest she think I was planning on blackmailing her or asking for her first-born child as payment.

8. Homophobia.  I don’t understand it.  What someone else does in their bedroom is none of your business. Period. Love is love and that is all.  And when you come down to it, sex is sex and that is all.  As long as it doesn’t involve animals or small children, and it is between consenting adults, I say it’s no one else’s business.  Stop going on about it.  And while we’re at it, two people in love, regardless of gender should be able to get married.  If they want to enter into marriage with all its pitfalls, I say let ’em.  Have at it.  I don’t understand why anyone would have a problem with people expressing love.  The world is an awful place, at times, and we need all the love (in all its forms) we can get.  End of story.

9. Racism.  Also really stupid.  If you think you are better than someone because you are a different colour to them, you need to take a good long look at yourself.  You’re not that great, honestly.  And it ain’t because of your skin tone.  People are people – there are nice black people and awful black people, friendly white people and jack-ass white people.  And so on and so forth. Just get over yourselves.  Stop judging people based on the amount of melanin in their skin, or the shape of their eyes or the colour of their hair.  Stop it.

10. People who spit in public.  Why is it necessary?  Decades ago you would have been arrested for possibly spreading Tuberculosis.  Now you should just be arrested for being a gross jerk.  How much saliva does one person need to have before they start spitting randomly in the street?  I understand if you get a bug in your mouth or something – fair enough – but just random spitting is un-called for.  In my opinion.

So there you have it. A few annoying things that drive me a bit bananas.  There’s probably a lot more but many of them would probably be about myself eg my annoying hair, my annoying chunky thighs, that annoying eye-twitch I get when I am stressed.  And you don’t need to hear all of those. Because it would be annoying.

Hope you have an annoyance-free day 🙂

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