Bathroom Garden

Bathroom Garden

I am not always very sensible.  I tend to DO rather than THINK.  And then I wonder why things go horribly wrong, or I make a big mess in a place I shouldn’t be making a big mess in.  Like my bathroom.  Not the ideal place to be potting up some plants, but, hey, it was cold outside and, um, I was too lazy to drag everything out to my front porch.  Mostly because it would mean putting clothes on (I was in my PJs, naturally).

I had purchased some succulents the weekend before (not an unusual activity for me), mostly Kalanchoes, and I needed to pot them into something more suitable than the small nursery pots they were in.  The previous week I had attended a swap meet with my sister-in-law and had found a lovely, white ceramic pot for $4.00 (bargain!).  It was crying out for some cute little plants so it was just perfect for the Kalanchoes.

I made a delightful mess in the bathroom – potting mix everywhere, pots chucked willy-nilly all over the floor – you get the picture.  But I really liked the plants in the white pot – it looks classy ha ha.  My bathroom is enormous – really a ridiculous amount of room for one person.  But I’m not complaining – I have a pile of stuff that I am able to find room for in there.  It also has a nice sunny window space that is ideal for plants.  They grow happily there, without getting too hot, but with plenty of light, and humidity from the bathroom itself.

So, I arranged the newly-potted Kalanchoes next to my existing Haworthias and my precious orchid, which is flowering beautifully, bless it (even more so now after writing this post – it’s got six blooms on its little stem) and made quite a nice display by the window.  What do you think?  I love having plants in the house and I am very pleased with how these look together.  I will have to stop myself from putting any more in there.  The bath tub never gets used…maybe I could just make it in to one giant pot!  I’m sure my landlord would love that idea…not!





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