Make Your Own Toothpaste

Make Your Own Toothpaste

This weekend I decided to try making my own toothpaste.  As you do.  I had seen it on a few different blogs, and also on Instagram and Pinterest and thought I would try it.  Why make your own toothpaste?  Well, for me, it’s because regular toothpaste is tested on animals.  You can buy cruelty-free toothpastes, but they can be expensive and they’re not readily available in your local supermarket (usually).  There’s also all kinds of “extras” in toothpaste that you don’t really need.  Some of them even have sugar in them.  Which is a bit crazy.  So I thought I would give this a go.

The basic recipe is as follows :

2 Tablespoons Coconut Oil
1.5 Tabelspoons Bicarb Soda
10-15 Drops Peppermint Oil (I’m pretty sure you should use essential oil, not a peppermint essence, but that’s all I had for this batch – I will use the proper stuff next time)

Mix all the ingredients together until smooth and creamy.  Store in a little, clean jar. Use as you would your regular toothpaste.

 The bicarb polishes your teeth and leaves the mouth feeling very clean.  It also takes a bit of getting used to.  But I’m going to persevere, changing the recipe as I need to.  I have a feeling I will be adding more peppermint.  I’ve read that some people put stevia in it as well, to help sweeten it.  Not sure that I need to do that but we’ll see!  Some people add salt.  That makes me want to gag.  By the end of the week I will probably be craving some Colgate or MacLeans…but at least my pearly whites will be, well, pearly (hopefully).  Next on the list to make is my own baby (face) wipes.  I have the material, I have the sewing machine…all I need is some energy and I will be whipping up piles of face cloths.  If you have any good recipes for facial cleanser, let me know!  🙂


4 thoughts on “Make Your Own Toothpaste

    1. Let me know how you go! I’m still getting used to the taste, but it does actually polish teeth well and leaves your mouth and teeth feeling clean.

  1. Thanks for this. You’re right – so many toothpastes (and other personal care products) are full of “mystery” ingredients/chemicals. Helpful and easy DIY recipe – thanks again!

    1. Thank you – it’s worth trying and maybe altering the ingredients to suit your taste and personal likes/dislikes. There’s lots of recipes on the internet – if you aren’t keen on mine, you can easily try another 🙂
      Thank you for following my blog too – much appreciated 🙂

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