June Mini-Market

June Mini-Market

Happy Monday everyone! How does this day come around so fast, when it feels like Friday is years away? I am particularly pooped and unmotivated today, having had a busy weekend with my mini-market / craft sale at home. I was, for some reason, not very stressed this time. I didn’t panic about cleaning up beforehand, I didn’t fret over how things were set up or displayed. I didn’t fiddle and fuss. I didn’t worry if my bookshelves were dusty and I didn’t even bake anything – gasp! – just bought a cake and some nice biscuits so people could have a bite to eat with their teas and coffees. I think I have finally learnt, from past experiences, that people don’t care if your carpet is vacuumed or your garden is weeded. They come to see you (and, in this instance, the things you have to sell). They come for the company and for a (hopefully) pleasant afternoon. I must admit, my house did look particularly neat and tidy yesterday. It looked warm and welcoming and I was pleased to have people in my home (instead of freaking out about it).


Mum helped me to get everything organised, and we were so on top of things, we were able to go out to dinner the night before and enjoy a nice evening together. Mum had made some gorgeous little scented sachets (owls and hearts) as well as some appliqued bags with lovely soaps in them. They were big sellers on the day. I really wish I could sew! I’m terrible at it – but maybe I just need to knuckle down and spend some time doing it to learn the basics properly and have some patience with it.



The day itself has some problems :

  • A rat decided to die in my ceiling, causing a delightful aroma in the back rooms of the house (including my bedroom, unfortunately)
  • Some inconsiderate neighbour thought it would be a good idea to park over the path that leads to my front door, meaning that no one could get it unless they walked through my garden beds. I had to prune my grevillea bushes, lay down a doormat across one of the garden beds (to designate a “pathway”) and put up a sign so people would know how to get in. The car stayed there all day. So annoying!
  • Lots of people that I invited didn’t turn up. They hadn’t RSVP’d in the first place so I had no idea how many people to expect.

There were a few other niggling annoyances that happened, but nothing too major. The weather, though chilly, was lovely and sunny and fine. The people who did attend stayed a long time and sat and chatted amongst themselves with cake and coffee or tea, whether they were strangers or not, and it gave the whole day a really nice vibe. A friend I had gone to Primary School with (a million years ago) came for a couple of hours and bought a few goodies. I literally hadn’t seen or spoken to her in about 28 years, but we felt instantly comfortable with one another and it was so nice to catch up and connect again.




I sold lots of earrings and necklaces, a few cards and brooches.
The rings did well too – I displayed them this time in my lovely Kelly Rae Roberts trinket stand.  It was the perfect size and looked nice with the other things on display.




Though it wasn’t the most successful sale day I’ve ever had, it still went well and was pretty stress-free and enjoyable. I will be glad to pack it all away and have a break from crafting for a little while, though. Not because I don’t enjoy it, but because it is nice having a tidy house! I really need to take some time to clear up properly and de-clutter and make things organised again. I have rent inspection (AGAIN!) this week so I am glad I am already in a pretty tidy and clean state.
Not much to tidy up at all, thankfully.

Hope your weekend was happy and blessed with good friends, good food and good fun 🙂

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