Dawdling and Doodling…and boobs.

Dawdling and Doodling…and boobs.

Just a bit of doodling and painting (when I should be cleaning and ironing…).  I’ve had a rotten month of lurgies and injuries, stress and strife, so a weekend spent doing not much is in order.  I done my laundry and even cleared up the kitchen, which was in danger of collapsing under the weight of not-done washing up, and now I’m about to toddle off for a brisk walk in the remaining sunshine of the day.  A strained back and neck have meant I’m not up to much else, exercise-wise, and my poorly neglected garden will have to wait, yet again.

One thing I should mention is that I had a mammogram this week.  My first ever.  I approached it with some trepidation but decided that it could well be something that saves my life, so I should approach it with as much positivity as possible.  I have to say, if you’ve been putting it off, DO go and get it done.  It’s not as awful as you may think.  Sure, it’s uncomfortable and not the kind of thing you would choose to do for fun, but it is quick and easy and something you should make the time for.  I am younger than the usual “prescribed” age for a mammogram but as I am having some surgery later in the year, my surgeon wanted to make sure everything was hunky-dory in boob land.  And, thankfully, my results showed no nasties and I was given the all-clear to have surgery (more on that later).

As women, we tend to have to have no-very-pleasant health checks and I think many of us fear the mammogram unnecessarily.  But, honestly, I am not the bravest of individuals – if I can go and get one, so can you.  The entire procedure takes barely 15 minutes from start to finish and the actual time spent being “squished” is mere seconds.  If you get a nice technician (which I did, thank goodness!) the experience is made all the more pleasant, or at least bearable.

So, here endeth the public service announcement from moi.  Mammograms – not as scary as you might have been led to believe.  Less fun than a day at the beach, but infinitely more enjoyable than a maths exam or having a tooth extracted.  I am glad that I have had one now, because I will not dread it the next time and can put my friend’s minds at ease, should they be next to have one.  Just remember, it could save your life and a little bit of discomfort is definitely worth that.

Hope you are all having a lovely Saturday – I am off for my walk, taking my “girls” with me.






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