Head down, bum up…

Head down, bum up…

I have been working hard this weekend to utilise every spare minute of time to make things for my upcoming mini-market.  I did not need to waste time re-typing this bog post (I had done a full post already but it disappeared into the cyber-ether and I don’t know what happened to it) so I am cutting it short and making this more of a pictorial post.  Because I am lazy and tired. And also because I have to keep working on my crafts instead of re-typing the draft I just lost…you understand, right?

I did well this weekend and made LOTS of stuff.  I was head down, bum up until about 1am this morning and then up again fairly early to start over again.  I was having fun though, and made some really pretty bracelets (well, I think they’re pretty…) out of recycled beads and old jewellery.  What do you think?  Some of them are a bit bright for my liking but I figured other people might have different tastes to me so why not include a few gaudy things as well as the more understated pieces.  I was trying to use up beads I have had for ages, as well as some recent purchases.  I had a few odd beads that weren’t in pairs and so couldn’t be used for earrings.  This way I used up lots of them and put them together with complementing colours.  It’s nice to create something you’re happy with 🙂

Hope your weekend has been as successful as mine, even if all you succeeded in doing is having a much needed rest and not doing anything at all!
Have a wonderful Monday tomorrow 🙂








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