Op Shop Beauties

Op Shop Beauties

I have been really good lately, not spending money or going op-shopping.  I have to watch my pennies as I am now paying rent and bills on my own and I am a bit paranoid that I won’t be able to manage.  So I’ve been extra thrifty (to the point of dumbness – like not having food in the house) and just trying to live as frugally as possible.  That is until yesterday when I made the mistake of going to a craft shop and then an op shop.  Deadly mistake.  I did need craft supplies because I’d run out of some things and so I think those purchases are justified when I do intend on selling some things I’ve made and therefore recouping some money.  I needed to get some new beads too and so I went to some op shops to see what I could pick up there (so much cheaper than going to a bead shop and you get a great selection, often vintage and in larger amounts than you might otherwise be able to afford in a speciality bead shop where you are charged BY THE BEAD in most cases) and was particularly looking for turquoise and bright yellows. reds and oranges.

Well….I was in luck (my wallet was not, however).  I got some really lovely glass beads in the colours I needed and LOTS of turquoise in different shapes and sizes.  I spent a bit more than I had intended, but I’m still happy with what I got and think they were a bargain.  So, now I just have to take them apart and make some lovely new things!


Lovely, lovely pearls.  Really good quality glass ones.  VERY heavy – they would weigh your neck down! The beaded feature on it is kinda 1920s-ish-looking but I will put it aside and maybe make something with it later…I just wanted the pearls!  There’s over a metre of them in total!


Love these orangey-yellow glass orbs.  So sunny!


This brown-toned necklace caught my eye for all the little tiny beads and charms.  But I’ve decided to keep it for me to wear.  This one is NOT being taken apart!


Gorgeous turquoise!  Several different strands on one necklace – a bargain!  Some are plastic which is a shame because I generally stick to glass, but I can make them work 🙂


More turquoise and blues and little accents of red.  Like the big pendant, but Mum liked that so I think I will just put something together with it for her.

So, a good afternoon’s buying. I don’t feel too guilty as I will use all of it and I saved a lot of money that WOULD have been spent if I had bought them per bead or got them from a “proper” shop.  Op-shopping rules!  This was a particularly lucky day – sometimes I don’t find anything which is really frustrating.

Going to do my laundry now and then get stuck into “making”.  I have lots of creative things on the go right now and I’m not sure which to tackle first so will probably end up just making a mess.  You know how it is.

Hope you’re weekend is going wonderfully well and that the sun is shining in your little part of the world.

To my dear friend GK who is going through some rough times right now : Look after yourself and remember you are loved x

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