Well, a beautiful sunny day today but so, so cold.  Even hubby (who walks around with nothing on his feet and no jumper on) thought it was chilly and didn’t mind me putting the heater on early.  We both stayed in today which was lovely – nowhere to be and no schedule to follow.  Hubby played video games and read and I crafted for most of the day, in between playing with the neighbour’s cat who comes to say hello and sunbake on our tiny little bit of porch. He’s such a fatty and it has taken us ages to get him to come to us but now he’s a smoochy little furry friend 🙂


Good Morning!


You really need to do something about these weeds…they get stuck in my fur!


Hmmmm, sunshine or shady grass….?

Hubby and I are obsessed about making friends with neighbourhood cats.  With no pets of our own at the moment, we are quite needy and try our best to encourage them to hang out with us.  It’s quite sad.

I made some decent cards today and got started on some new scrabble tile rings.  The cards were all on a bird/butterfly theme.  I think “Fly” is quite an evocative word and I use it a lot.  I think it can mean so many things – escape, roam, freedom, soar, travel, experience…anyway, I like anything with wings (as you should know by now) and so here are my offerings for today:





Wasn’t quite happy with this one so ended up adding a crown to the egg to make it look more complete.  Everything looks better with a crown!


I had trouble taking photos because it was so sunny outside but a weird sort of light.  I ended up taking most of the photos on top of the old broken, wooden chair outside.


I also made this “birdy” card – moving away from the blues and browns (but they’re my favourite colours to work with!).  Pinks and green are a close second but I still took ages to finish this one.  Again, I added a crown just to give it a bit of a flourish!  Those little diamantes I used in previous posts got a workout again today.  They’re just the right size and not too glitzy.



I totally killed my edging brush ( I use a “deer foot” paintbrush) – it is now just a stump and most of the bristles have dropped out.  So to edge and distress most of these cards and embellishments, I had to improvise and make my own little edgy-spongey thing.  It worked well though!  Until it too started disintegrating…


Well, I must “fly” myself now.  It’s time for dinner and I am making carrot and basil soup with yummy cheesy pull-apart scones to accompany it. If I remember to take photos I will post the recipe tomorrow.  Hope you are all having a lovely weekend and enjoying whatever weather you have.  May all your dreams and plans “fly” in the right direction! 🙂

PS I must just say a big Thank you to everyone who sent me kind words of support and gave me a boost last week when I was a bit down in the dumps.  Your kindness is appreciated.  I have to reply to all the comments and “follows” and I will try and get on to that tonight or tomorrow.  Thank you so much xxx

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